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At your workplace usually you need to be sitted for a long time. But this is not good for your health. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to poor health long term and enhance the risks of illnesses. This lifestyle can also lead to developing health issues like cancer, diabetes, and even heart diseases. But for many people, it is challenging to take out time and do some physical activity in their busy schedule. 

There are certain exercises that you can perform in your office or working environment. These exercises or workouts don’t even require that you go to the office gym. But understand that these simple moves can never replace vigorous workout routines. But they will be able to complement your regular workout routines when you are busy. Through these office workouts, you can keep yourself active and avoid immobility. 

Simple workouts for office

There are many ways to approach these exercises. One of them is you can combine these workouts and perform as a circuit. Another option is incorporating them into small spurts and use in your workday. Before performing these workouts follow simple warm-ups like jumping rope and shadowboxing. 

Climbing stairs

This is the best option through which you can squeeze a few cardio in your office workout. Only thing is, stairs should be accessible in your office. Always keep a timer and spend time climbing the stairs. If you aim for getting sweaty then you can increase the speed and go up and down as many times as possible. If you are looking for bonus points, then try climbing two at a time. 


This is a highly powerful exercise for your deltoids, triceps, and pecs. The only thing is either floor or desk should be accessible at your workplace. You can just pick regular pushups and do as much as possible on the floor. There is subtle version as well if you need. In this case, you can keep hands on your desk and perform the pushup. Irrespective of the form you choose, if you perform it regularly, you will definitely reap a lot of benefits. 

Carpet ride

For this workout, you need not get away from your chair. Just sit and cross your legs. Now using the support of chair armrest, lift your body and try to continue in this position for 20 seconds. Take some rest after that and then repeat the step again. 


If you want to build complete body strength along with functional fitness then choose core training. But for core strength development you need some equipment. Planks are the best choice for toning your body. Along with them, you can also try side planks as well. Along with body, they even help in toning your glutes and muscles.  You need to aim for at least three sets for best results. 

Final thoughts

There are many office workouts that can be performed at your desk. There is no need to worry about health even though you are completely busy. Make some time in between in the office hours and perform these workouts on a regular basis for the best results.


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