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Are you looking for a way to tone and strengthen your body? Having a flat tummy, a six-pack, and toned legs? Good news is there is an easier way to perform the most effective exercises and still achieve the body you are working out for. 


Wondering how?


The long-awaited answer is here and that’s Squat Rack.


Yes, Squat Rack is the perfect way to build the body of your dreams with minimal danger. If you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you keep on reading to find out what you are missing out and why Squat Rack is such a great choice.


What is a Squat Rack?

what is a squat rack

Before we begin, I would like to make sure you know and understand what a squat rack actually is. Trust me, I have seen guys at the gym who call the dual adjustable pulley a Squat Rack. I hate to break it to them but that’s not the case.


A Squat Rack is a fitness machine used either at the gym or home for the purpose of performing squats with minimal danger. It all started there but as everything else does, the Squat Rack has evolved. Nowadays you can do almost any exercise without real danger.


At first sight, it might look really easy to do any given exercise with the help of the Squat Rack. When in fact, you need to master the technique by practicing. After all, do you want to perform the exercise safely and with perfect form or you prefer doing exactly the opposite?


The best part of adding Squat Rack to your workout routine is that most gyms already have it. However, if you prefer working out at your place, you can easily buy one.


Why using the Squat Rack?


Reason #1: Highly efficient


Using a Squat Rack helps you perform almost any exercise with minimal danger, right? But it is the key to building the body of your dreams.


Exercising on the Squat Rack:

  • Allows you to train alone in a safe environment
  • Helps you build size and strength in the quads
  • Activates the calves and glutes
  • Gives you the chance to work with heavier weights than you normally would be able to
  • Improves core muscle/strength
  • Gives you the best possible results with minimal danger
  • Is excellent for functional isometrics and heavy partials



Reason #2:  Inner Satisfaction


This one might sound crazy at first but the best part of the Squat Rack is not the safety it provides nor the numerous other benefits. The best part is the inner satisfaction.


Imagine doing a squat without the help of a Squat Rack. How much weight are you going to use? 90? 140? 240?


Now imagine the opposite. You are going to use the help of the Squat Rack. Chances are you are going to add some extra pounds to the bar. Not only this, but you may also attempt to do more reps.


And now you are wondering why….


Well, when your safety is guaranteed, you are predisposed to do more than you would normally do. That means more pounds, reps, and even sets. Pushing yourself to the maximum can only help you increase your strength and size.

Let’s see the three most efficient and most commonly done exercises, and how to properly perform them.


Properly Performing Squats

properly performing squats

Squat rack machine was designed with the sole purpose of helping people do Squats. The easier way. But don’t get me wrong. When I say the easier way I don’t mean it’s ineffective.


Before you start doing Squats on the Squat Rack, I suggest you read the following step by step guide. 

Step #1: Start by putting the bar on the rack approximately shoulder height on each side.

Step #2: Once you are ready with Step #1, you must load the bar with the preferred weights. Don’t forget to use collars to secure the weight.

Step #3: You must place the lower safety racks before performing the exercise. An inch below the lowest absolute point should be enough.

Step #4: Step under the bar in a squat position and place the bar on the back of your shoulders.

Step #5: Place your hands on the bar.

Step #6: After successfully completing the first 5 steps, you are almost ready. Now is time to lift the bar off the rack and straighten your legs and body.

Step #7:  While keeping your back straight, start performing a squat.

Step #8: Repeat.



Properly Performing Shrugs, Bicep Curls or Upright Rows

Step #1: Place the lower safety mechanisms about 2 inches below your hands if they were down at your sides.

Step #2: Place the upper racking mechanisms high enough so that you do not bump them while performing the exercises. You will not need them for these exercises.

Step #3: Perform the exercise.


Properly Performing Bench Squad


Step #1: Start by placing a bench into the center of the Squat rack.

Step #2: Place the upper racking mechanisms approximately arm's length above the bench. Ensure the height is not too high so that you still can unrack the barbell without resistance.

Step #3: The lower safety mechanism should be as close to level with your chest as possible.
Step #4: Now is time to place the barbell on the upper racks and add weights.
Step #5: Perform the exercise.


There is also a proper technique for doing deadlifts, overhead presses, pull-ups, barbell lunges, chin ups, hanging leg raises and other exercises. However, the above-mentioned exercises are the ones I would recommend doing on the Squat Rack. 


Of course, knowing how to properly do the exercises is a good start. Unfortunately, there are other mistakes I would like to share with you guys. Make sure you avoid them like the plague.



The 3 Most Common Mistakes When Using The Squat Rack

Mistake #1: Not stretching your ankles might lead to an injury

Mistake #2: Improper feet positioning is one of the most common mistakes. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart and parallel to each other.

Mistake #3: Placing the bar too high.


Final thoughts….

Working out is effective for fitness, health, and physique goals and that’s a fact.  To effectively tone your muscles, abs, and legs you must start using the Squat Rack in your workout routine. The above-mentioned exercises are some of the safest exercises that can be carried out in a Squat Rack. Such exercises play a very important role for strength and power training. Generally, Squat Rack training is highly recommended for anyone who wants to stay physically fit. It just helps an individual become highly efficient and strong while building up stamina at the same time.


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