What is a Superset? Truth Revealed

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what is a superset

Building more muscle mass in a short amount of time? Wanna get the most from a superset workout?

Truth to be told, this is the best way to work all your muscle groups more effectively and completely. However, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to supersets.

The good news is:

In this post, I’ll do my best to answer all questions you might have regarding supersets.

There are some very important things you need to know. So, keep on reading to find out everything there is to know about supersets.


What is a Superset?

Although the definition of “superset” is pretty simple, the majority of people are unable to properly define it. However, supersets are a combination of two different exercises performed consecutively with no rest in between.

Superset is the perfect strategy to cut your workout time in half. Burning more calories than with regular workouts is considered as one of the most important benefits of supersets. However, there is a common belief among some gym-goers that you don’t need to combine the exercises.

Huge misconception! Unless your goal is to just sweat and leave the gym without any results and any kind of progress, then you do need a proper exercise combination. In other words, you need a properly designed superset!

Let me explain it to you in the simplest possible way.

Proper exercise combination = fat burning, muscle building, performance boost

Improper exercise combination = injury, pain, ineffective workout

Basically, a good combined superset is the most effective workout for any fitness goal, whether you want to burn some extra fat or build muscle.


Different Types of Supersets

Don’t think there is only one way to do supersets. There are different types of supersets. Depending on your goal and personal preferences, you can perform exercises that target the same muscle group or different groups. The types and benefits of each type of supersets? Right below.

Type #1: Antagonist Supersets

The two exercises target opposing muscle groups, for example chest and back or biceps and triceps. In other words, this is a great way to build up muscles that are opposing each other. Antagonist superset training is time efficient and effective on building and maintaining muscle balance at the joint.

Type #2: Compound Supersets

The exercises you are doing work the same muscle groups. An example for a good compound superset that targets your biceps, is the combination of dumbbell curls and cable curls. The main goal of a compound superset training is to add overall volume to the muscle group.

Type #3: Different Muscles

You can choose a combination of exercises that work completely different groups of muscle. For example, back and legs. Just to be clear, this superset targets neither compound nor antagonist muscle groups. It targets completely different muscle groups.


Now this is important…

After reading all the above-given information, you are almost ready to go. If you have decided to give this kind of training a try, I highly suggest you to avoid the following mistakes.


Mistake #1: Using the Same Weight as in a Regular Workout

Don’t try doing supersets with the weight you are used to in your regular workouts. If you are used to lifting heavier, let’s say 120-125 pounds, you might need to decrease the weight to 95-100 pounds.

Mistake #2: Chaotic Exercise Order

It is not a bright idea to go to the gym without a workout plan. Don’t mix whatever exercise comes in your mind. Of course, if you want to stay injury free and to maximize your workout effectiveness.

Mistake #3: Not Resting When Your Body Needs It

As you know, supersets are performed with no rest in between. However, if you are going to do supersets for the first time, you will need to increase the rest period. Give your muscles and body the time they need to replenish the energy required to finish the superset successfully.


The Most Important Benefits of Supersets

A superset will improve your muscle endurance, as well as your power. What better way to build more muscle mass in a short amount of time, eh? Additionally, doing supersets will undoubtedly boost your metabolism. 


Here’s the bottom line…

Even if you had no clue what superset means, I think you have now. Be smart when it comes to choosing your superset exercise combinations. The right exercise combination will help you achieve your goal much faster than an improper workout. Supersets are very beneficial for improving your muscle endurance, burning fat and cutting your workout time in half. There is no doubt you have to incorporate this training into your workout routine. Take a step towards a better you!


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