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upper chest workout

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, you still have round, disproportionate pecs? Do you want to develop a broad upper chest?


Having jacked pecs is a dream many men have. The best part is: it is totally achievable. Truth to be told, the chest is one of the most often trained muscles. So, if you somehow fail to build a broader upper chest, it just means you are doing something wrong.


Indeed, there are many chest exercises. In addition, every exercise targets a prime and a secondary muscle group. Keep in mind that all muscles are being activated during all chest exercises. The only difference is that some can be emphasized.


However, for a better symmetry you have to train all 3 muscle groups of your chest.

Group #1: Clavicular Head of Pec Major, known as “Upper Chest”

Group #2: Sternal Head of the Pec Major (Lower and Middle Chest)


Training your upper chest, yet It looks under-developed in comparison to the Sternal head of the pec major? Try adding new exercises to your workout routine that target and train your upper chest. Otherwise, your chest won’t get stronger any soon in the near future. 


Speed up your upper-chest development by incorporating the following exercises into your workout routine.


Exercise #1: Incline Barbell Bench Press

incline barbell bench press

How to: Start by lying flat on an incline bench. Make sure your hands are just outside of shoulder width. Give your spotter a sign that you are ready and let him help you with the lift off. Breathe in as you slowly lowering the bar by unlocking your elbows. Lower the bar until in touches the chest. Breathe out as you push the bar back up. Ensure you lower or push back up the bar in a straight line. Repeat.

Alternative exercises: Dumbbell Bench Press

Attention! Always use a spotter!


Exercise #2: Regular Dips

regular dips

How to: Begin by stepping up on the raised plates in front of the parallel bar and grab the parallel handles. Lean your body to the front as you dip down. The level of your shoulders should reach about 10 inches/25 centimeters of the level of the handles. Breathe in as you go down. Breathe out as you push yourself up. Repeat.

Alternative exercise: Straight Bar Dips


Exercise #3: Incline Dumbbell Fly

incline barbell bench press

How to: Grab a pair of dumbbell in each hand and lie on an incline bench. Aim for an incline angle between 10 and 30 Degrees. Breathe out as you extend your arms above your chest. Keep a slight bend at the elbows. The palms of your hands are facing you. Inhale and slowly lower the arms to the side. Make sure you keep your arms extended. Rotate your wrists until the palms of your hands are facing each other. Breathe out as you extend your arms again and bring the dumbbells back up. Repeat. 

Alternative exercise: Standing Incline Cable Fly


These exercises are the most effective ones when it comes to building a bigger upper chest. The number of reps and sets you do depends on your goal and your current strength.


There are a variety of exercises you can do when it comes to building a stronger upper chest. Don’t be afraid to change your workout now and then. This is actually a good thing. You see, if you focus on flat pressing movements, like barbell bench press, every time you go to the gym, there is a 100% chance that in time your chest proportion won’t be balanced.


To be honest, who wants to have an unsymmetrical upper chest? To achieve an attractive symmetry in your chest, you must target and train each muscle group of your chest.


However, building a stronger upper chest would be easier if you knew a tip or two, wouldn’t it?


To make it easier for you, I have prepared for you a list of few tips you can use next time you go to the gym.


Tip #1: The best way to start your workout is with the incline bench press to target your pecs. Use a variety of incline bench positions. This way you will work the muscle fibers in slightly different ways.


Tip #2: Use a slightly more challenging weights. Aim for a set or two for 6-8 reps.


Tip #3: Don’t do two or three consequent exercises and repeat what you did with the first move.


Tip #4 Try to target the muscle in multiple ways, opt for different equipment, change the angle of the bench and work with a different relative intensity.


Tip #5: Track your progress. After all, you need to know whether you are doing better than last time or completely worse.


Bottom line…

Include the above-mentioned exercises to your next workout routine to activate those upper-chest muscles. As I said, your chest consists of multiple muscle groups. Changing your workout routine gives you a chance to target and train every group. Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one. Becoming significantly stronger and achieving an attractive symmetrical chest are only few steps away.


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