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Everywhere you turn you are bound to come across protein bars. Be it at a café, pharmacy or even at the cash register. However, if you are looking for authentic protein bars that are really healthy, these can be much more difficult to find.

The truth is that most protein bars contain more sugar than protein. In addition, the protein used might be of inferior quality. The bars also usually have additives, such as flavoring and preservatives.

In order to help you figure out which are the best protein bars to go for, we took a look at most of the protein bars that are sold in stores. We checked their ingredients, nutritional value and how they tasted. The protein bars that we have recommended have a minimum of 10g of protein, less than 10g of sugar; in fact, most of them had less than 5g of sugar. In addition, they are made out of real protein and not just protein fillers.

Note that most of these products don’t have more than 250 calories. This makes them ideal to eat instead of a meal, in case you cannot get away from a meeting or from your desk at work. You can also take them after your workout if you need something quick to eat.

This doesn’t mean that these products are 100% perfect. They are not. The best source of protein would be from whole foods. These are a good substitute when you cannot access protein due to certain circumstances.

Here’s our list of the top 5 protein bars:

EPIC Chicken Sesame BBQ
epic chicken

Usually, beef jerky is made out of cheap cuts of meat, sugar and nitrates, which have been extracted during the curing process. EPIC is doing a new thing in this category of products. This company has invested in providing meat-based protein bars which have only 150 calories. They consist of 3g of sugar and 15g of protein. The main ingredient used to make this product is lean chicken. Other healthy ingredients that have been used include garlic, onions, hemp seeds and ginger.

Oatmega Chocolate Coconut Crisp

If you love chocolatey stuff, then you are in luck with the Oatmega Chocolate Coconut Crisp. This bar packs 200 calories, it has 5g of sugar and 14g of whey derived from beef cattle that were grass-fed. The added fish oil will provide you with Omega 3. In addition, it has 7g of fiber which helps with digestion.

Just note that these bars have whey protein concentrate and isolate. Therefore, if you are sensitive to whey, you can get stomach upsets after eating this bar. This is also not the best option for people who are lactose intolerant, as it contains lactose.

Strong & KIND Honey Mustard
honey mustard

If you are looking for bars that contain whole foods ingredients, then Strong & KIND bars are what you need. However, you should keep in mind that some of their products might be high in sugar or they might have soy lecithin that’s non-organic. This specific bar has 5g of sugar and 10g of protein which is obtained from nuts and pea isolates. Its ingredients include honey, paprika and turmeric. Vegetarians might like it.

Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond
primal kitchen

Some of the ingredients that have been used to make this protein bar include almonds, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate and coconut oil. It has collagen that has been derived from grass-fed Brazilian cattle, and 6g of fiber which will help with digestion. It also has 3g of sugar and 15g of protein.

GoMacro Protein Purity

The GoMacro Protein Purity is on our list of best protein bars because it has a healthy balance of nutrients. This protein bar is recommended for people who suffer from allergies. It packs up 260 calories, 9g of sugar and 10g of protein. However, it has a downside. This is the fact that it uses brown rice syrup sugar, which makes up a large part of its ingredients. If you are allergic to eggs, gluten, soy, nuts and dairy, then this bar is the best option for you. It has whole food ingredients such as vanilla, cinnamon, butter from sunflower seed and sprouted brown rice protein.


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