Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy may require you to make recurring payment Transactions in order to use the platform.


A recurring payment Transaction is a Transaction made pursuant to an agreement between the user or a cardholder and Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy whereby the user authorizes the Merchant to bill the Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy Mastercard, VISA, or other credit/debit card account or (where supported) Maestro Account on an ongoing basis, with no specified end date. Billing may occur periodically, such as monthly, quarterly or annually, or as needed to “top up” the user’s account with Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy. Each payment may be for a variable or a fixed amount. Recurring payments differ from instalment billing in that when a purchase is paid in instalments, the number of payments is limited.

Charging Periods and Renewal

Transactions done on a recurring basis are paid at the beginning of each subscription period, either at the beginning of the given subscription month or at the beginning of the subscription year. Your subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of each subscription period, unless you have notified us that you wish to cancel your subscription or cancel your agreement with Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy in accordance with the Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy Terms and Conditions.

Billing Amounts

Billing amounts may vary, depending on the subscription amount chosen by a given user. Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy offers two different subscription plans – monthly and yearly:
- The price of a monthly subscription is $19.90.
- The price of a yearly subscription is $147.00.

Promotions and Discounts

Please note that prices may differ, depending on certain promotions and promo codes, which may be available at the sole discretion of Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy. Such promo codes can be used a single time only. Depending on the type of promotion, discounts may be applied to the first of- or all recurring payments by the User to Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy. If the discount or promotional offer is valid for the first payment only, i.e. for the first month of the subscription, such discount will not applicable on the future recurring payments. After the first month upon joining the academy you will be charged the regular monthly price of $19.90 until you cancel your subscription.

$1 Joining Fee

If there is a promotion which indicates $1 (Joining Fee) this applies that you will pay today $1 and after 1 week you will be rebilled the regular monthly fee of $19.90.

Free Trial

If you choose FREE TRIAL (specify) you will have access to the Premium section with limited functions for 14 (fourteen) days without any hidden fee . You will be notified by mail 48hours before the expiration of those 14(fourteen) days. After the end of the trial period your credit card will be charged with 19.90 USD and you will be subscribed.


You can cancel your LA academy membership at any time, and you will continue to have access to the LA academy service through the end of your monthly billing period. To cancel, go to the top right corner and click/tap on the profile photo and select SETTINGS and click/tap on the SUBSCRIPTION link and click CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION link. If you cancel your membership, your account will automatically become FREE USER at the end of your current billing period. To see when your account will close, click "SUBSCRIPTION" on the "SETTINGS" page.