Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for Your Health

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why is sugar bad for you

Sugar is said to be among the worst ingredients of most modern diets. It has detrimental effects on your metabolism and could lead to many types of illnesses.


Read on to find out the ten reasons why sugar is bad for you.


  • Contains No Essential Nutrients


You must have heard about this a million times already – sugar is loaded with calories that don’t have any essential nutrients. If you end up eating 10-20% of calories from sugar, you could end up suffering from a major health problem as a result of nutrient deficiency.


  • Can Overload Your Liver


Before sugar gets into your bloodstream, it gets broken down into simple sugars - fructose and glucose.  Glucose can be found in every living cell on Earth, and if we don’t get it from our diet, our bodies can produce it. However, fructose is different. Our bodies cannot produce it and there’s really no physiological need for it in our body. Yet, the liver can only metabolize fructose and if your liver is filled with glycogen, eating a lot of fructose could overload your liver, forcing it to turn fructose into fats. This is the reason why if you end up eating a large amount of sugar, you could end up developing fatty liver and other serious problems.


  • Cause Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease


As mentioned previously, when fructose overloads your liver, it will turn it into fats. It will be drained out of your liver in the form of VLDL cholesterol particles. Unfortunately, not all these fats can get out as some of them could get lodged in your liver. When this happens, you could end up developing a fatty liver disease.


  • Cause Insulin Resistance


Insulin is an important hormone in our body, as it allows glucose to enter into the cells coming from the bloodstream. However, eating too much glucose can be dangerous and this could lead to insulin resistance, which will make you suffer from diabetes complications, such as blindness.


  • Can Progress to Type II Diabetes


Once our body cells become resistant to insulin, the beta cells in our pancreas will end up making more of it. This is very crucial since a chronically elevated blood sugar level could trigger severe harm in our body. Eventually, once the insulin resistance gets worse, your pancreas won’t be able to keep up with the increasing demand to produce enough insulin. This is when your blood sugar could skyrocket, making you susceptible to diabetes.


  • Can Give You Cancer


As you know, cancer is one of the main causes of death in this modern world and this is mainly due to the uncontrolled growth of cells. The insulin contributes to this sort of growth. It’s because of this that many scientists believe that a consistent elevated amount of insulin could possibly lead to cancer.


  • Has Unique Fat-Promoting Effects


Not all calories are the same and studies have revealed that fructose doesn’t have a similar effect on satiety, unlike glucose. In one study, it was shown that fructose had much less activity in the brain’s satiety center. This means that you could still feel hungry despite eating lots of fructose. Since the calories from sugar are not as fulfilling, eating too much fructose can result in increased calorie consumption and could promote fat gain.


  • Is Highly Addictive


Sugar consumption can lead to massive dopamine release in the brain and this is why the substance is highly addictive. Just like harmful drugs, sugar can trigger the release of dopamine in the brain, which is why people who consume a lot of sugar can become strongly addicted to it.


  • Is a Leading Contributor to Obesity


Sugar affects the hormones and the brain, which is a recipe for fat gain. Eating too much sugar could decrease satiety. It can make people get addicted to it until they eventually lose control of their consumption. This is what causes a lot of people to become obese and overweight, and this applies to both adults and kids.


  • Gives You Heart Disease
heart disease


Eating a lot of sugar can trigger the increase in your level of cholesterol and will make you highly susceptible to heart diseases. In fact, several pieces of evidence show that it is sugar that is the leading cause of heart diseases in the world and not fat, like many people think!


The list above should be enough to explain why is sugar bad for you and why you should minimize or totally exclude sugar from your diet.


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