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Training your legs is one of the most important parts of your fitness routine. There are many leg workouts that are very helpful in making the legs strong. But all of them need not suit you. You have to pick the workouts based on your needs and goals. There is no need to spend a day in a week just for leg workouts. There are simple leg workouts that can be followed on regular basis.

If you are looking for simple leg workouts, then you need not follow deadlifts or loaded squats. These are mostly parts of structural or core exercise routines. There are many ways through which you can build good looking, strong legs. Just by utilizing your body weight along with strong willpower you can reach your leg workout goals.

The Workouts

Here are a few exercises that you need to follow in a circuit. Here the main rule is you need to pick one of these workouts and do it for 30 seconds. Next 30 seconds you need to take rest. After that you should move on to the next workout on the list. Once you finish the list, start with the first workout once again with same rules. These 6 exercises will take just 20 minutes to complete.

     ·  Squat Jump

     ·  Side Lunge

     ·  Walking Single-Leg

     ·  Scissor Box Jump

     ·  Single-Leg Hip Raise

     ·  Alternating Drop Lunge

Along with these, there are many other workouts that can be done anywhere.

Do it anywhere

This is best suitable for people who want to challenge with extra bodyweight. Here each and every move should be performed for 10 minutes. Here stamina and lower body power will be tested at least for one hour.

One of these workouts is Box Squat jumps. Here you should perform at least 10 box squat jumps in a minute and you should do it for 10 minutes. Another one is Bulgarian split squat jumps. This is highly tough for beginners. The main reason is you should explode in just one leg. Hence there is an alternative. Beginners can try a jump-free version of the same workout. Here you should try five sets that are 10 reps for each side in a minute.

Another best workout that can be performed anywhere is box squats. Here also you should set a timer for just 10 minutes. But you should try 30 box squat reps in every minute.

Like this, there are many options when it comes to leg workouts. But you need to choose the perfect one. For example, if you are looking for a simple workout that can be performed anywhere then better choose box squat jumps. They are one of the best exercises for your legs.

Bottom line

Even though there are many leg exercises that can be performed with weights, there is no need to choose these weight exercises if you are not looking for core workout plans. If your expectation is just building stamina and getting beautiful legs, then just go for without weight exercises. If you follow these workout routines regularly, then it is more than enough to reach your goals.


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