Ketogenic Diet Foods To Avoid

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There are many ketogenic diet plans. This is the diet plan, which emphasizes high fats food and foods that come with low carbs. The main aim of this diet plan is to achieve nutritional ketosis. Ketosis can be seen as a metabolic state in which the body burns fat that is stored for generating fuel rather depending on carbs and sugar.

Here are some suggestions and foods that you should avoid in keto diet plans.

If you are planning for a successful keto diet, you have to limit your carbs intake. Here the main aim should be getting calories from fat. Grains should be avoided in a keto diet because they rich with carbs. This can discourage ketosis. It is better to avoid all kinds of grains mainly, Wheat, flour and corn tortillas, White, Oatmeal, Pumpernickel. Along with these you should also avoid 

• Rice
• Barley
• Sorghum
• Quinoa
• Sandwich wraps
• Buckwheat
• Corn
• Oats
• Sourdough
• Rye

Along with these, you should also think about the products made from grains. Always avoid foods like crackers, cookies, pasta, pizza, and bread.

The majority of people may feel surprised when we say fruits should be avoided in keto diet plans. This is because fruits are rich in carbs as well as sugar. Eat fruits that are low in glycemic like tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Avocados and olives are also great sources of healthy fat. Better to avoid fruits like apples, bananas, pineapples, oranges, and tangerines. Along with that, you should also avoid fruits like pears, peaches, nectarines, mangos, fruit juices, and grapes.

When listing the vegetables that you should avoid, you can list out the ones that grow beneath the ground and the vegetables that come with high starch content. This is because they contain the highest amount of carbs. Other vegetables you should avoid are cassava, parsnips, artichoke, corn, peas, yams, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, and potatoes.

Peas and beans are classified as Legumes. These are rich in protein. They also come with vital nutrients. Even though they are good for health, they should be avoided because they are rich in carbs. Hence avoid legumes like navy beans, lima beans, green northern beans, cannellini beans, kidney beans, green peas, lentils, and black-eyed peas. Other than these you should also avoid

• Black beans
• Pinto beans
• Lima beans
• Chickpeas
• Baked beans

Even though dairy contains carbs, it is considered as carb. Rather than avoiding it completely, you can limit the consumption or eat in moderation. The dairy foods that should be avoided are low-fat yogurt, fat-free yogurt, creamed cottage cheese, condensed milk, and most milk.

It is important to manage the adequate intake of protein in any keto diet. This helps to maintain muscle mass. Poultry and fish are two main sources of protein. These are low in carbs. It is better to avoid fattier cuts like chicken thighs, ribeye steaks, and fatty fish such as salmon. You should also consume processed meats in moderation or they can be avoided. For example, breaded meats and Bacon should be consumed in moderation.


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