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how to lose face fat

Let me guess… You want to know the secret of losing face fat fast and how to get rid of your chubby cheeks, double chin and rounder face. And why wouldn’t you. Nowadays a slimmer face is usually perceived as more pleasing to the eye compared to a rounder face. 

Face fat is a common problem among people of all ages. There are many ways to hide your body if you don’t like it. For example, you can wear an oversized T-Shirt to cover excess belly fat or loose pants to hide skinny, unattractive legs.

Truth to be told, you can hide your body in many ways, but you cannot hide your face. In fact, your face is the only part of your body that is on display all the time. And I really mean it. All the time. That’s why the extra fat in the face can be an incredibly frustrating thing.

The good news is: You CAN lose face fat. If you have the courage to dream it, you can achieve anything you want in life. 

So, keep on reading to find out the secrets of losing face fat.


How to Lose Face Fat and Achieve a Chiseled Jawline?

You have to be patient as fat reduction takes time. Fortunately, there are many strategies and methods that can increase the fat burning process and help slim down your face. The following tips will help you get rid of the face fat fast.


#1. Start Working Out to Lose Overall Body Fat

There is no such thing as spot reduction. You cannot lose weight in only one particular area, let alone a delicate one such as the face. But I am sure you already know this.

Once you start working out, you will reduce your overall body weight and you face fat will follow. To be honest, your overall appearance and physique might dramatically change before you can see a change in your face. Don’t get me wrong. This is a good thing. Your body will become fitter and leaner.


#2. Change You Diet

Honestly, you cannot lose weight the right way with poor diet based on processed or junk foods. Eating more vegetables, fruits and other whole foods is probably the best way to switch from unhealthy foods to a healthier diet. 

Furthermore, working out and eating the right foods is the most powerful combination. This way you will achieve your goal much faster.

Find out what your daily calorie intake is. Eat fewer calories than your suggested daily calorie intake to create a calorie deficit. This way your body will use up fat as stored energy, which will promote overall body and facial fat loss.


#3. Drink Plenty of Water

drink water

There are so many benefits of drinking water and reasons why you should drink at least 2-Liters per day. For example, drinking water helps flush toxins out of your body. Staying hydrated can also significantly improve your mood and promote weight loss.

When you don’t give your body the necessary quantity of water, it starts retaining the water that’s already inside your body. Yes, your body stores water when you don’t drink enough of it. The first three places where your body retains it are your ankles, your belly and your face. When you are dehydrated those parts of your body might look swollen or bloated. So, staying hydrated prevents water retention. 


#4. Exercises That Will Help You Lose Face Fat

To see a change in your face, you must lose overall body weight. This means you have to focus on total-body exercise.  Lifting weights, high-intensity interval training or metabolic resistance training are great examples of a full-body workout. By doing these workouts you will increase your metabolism and enhance weight loss.

In addition, there are many facial exercises you can try. For example, puffing out your cheeks and pushing the air from side to side is one of the many face fat exercises you must give a try. Facial exercises are a great way to tone your facial muscles, which will automatically make your face appear slimmer.


#5 Get Enough Sleep

get sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in your well-being throughout life. A good night’s sleep is essential for your post-workout muscle recovery. According to some experts in this area, sleeping less than 5 hours can actually lead to weight gain.

In addition, your face reflects your sleep. The less you sleep, the greater the chance of dark circles or puffy eyes and cheeks is. Sleeping 8 hours or more will boost your mood and make you feel better during your daily activities. So, ensure your body gets the rest it needs.


Here’s the bottom line…

Losing weight can be very challenging, let alone from a specific and delicate area such as the face. Change your daily routine by working out regularly, eating a well-balanced diet, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. This way you will reduce your body fat levels and as you get leaner, your face will get slimmer.


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