How to Get Bigger Arms?

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how to get bigger arms

Perhaps, you’re one of those people who are dying to know how to get bigger arms, stronger chest muscles, increase biceps and triceps size, not to mention 6-pack abs. Well, you’re not alone. In fact, this is exactly what most muscle builders wanted to know as well.


So here’s everything you need to know when it comes to building bigger arms and increasing biceps and triceps size.


Mistakes to Avoid


In order to successfully achieve your muscle building goals, it’s important that you’re aware of some of the most common mistakes that you must avoid. One of them is performing endless biceps curls and triceps extension exercises in hopes to build bigger arms. This may work at the advanced level, however, for beginners, this approach is just counterproductive and totally inefficient.


  • Curls and Extensions - Beginners must perform free weight compound exercises such as deadlifts and squats in order to build muscle mass instead of performing isolation exercises, such as curls. When it comes to building muscle mass, it’s important that you lift heavy by performing isolation exercises.


  • Overtraining Your Arms - Remember that your arms are small muscles that you hit on all of the exercises you perform, such as when holding the bar. You cannot train these small muscles five times a week. They will only grow if you put them to rest.


  • Neglecting Other Muscles - If you do this, you’ll sure be out of proportion. This could make your arms appear even bigger compared to the rest of your body parts, which will make you look weird.


  • Not Eating Enough Food - You can’t expect to build 18-inch biceps if you’re only 120 pounds and have a height of 6 feet. You must gain weight in order to develop bigger arms. According to some muscle-building experts, you must gain 15 pounds for every inch that you want to add to your arms. You can go online and research the muscular potential table to determine how much weight you need to gain so you can have a bigger bicep.


How to Get Bigger Arms

bigger arms

Remember that you won’t get bigger arms if you are underweight, regardless of how often you will perform bicep curl exercises. In order to build bigger arms, you must first increase your overall muscle mass. Most importantly, you must eat a lot.


  • Eat More - To gain weight, you need to consume more calories than what you can burn. Most men need at least 3000 kcal per day, while men who are skinny and have faster metabolism need to consume more. Start by eating at least four huge meals in a day, from breakfast, lunch to dinner, and post workout.


  • Get Stronger - Strength is equivalent to size. To build more strength, try increasing your squats to 140 kg per 300 pounds and increase your bench press as well to 100 kg per 220 pounds. You can also increase deadlift to 180 kg per 400 pounds. Doing this can greatly enhance your muscle mass.


  • Rest - As mentioned, muscles tend to grow bigger if they are at rest. Therefore, give your arm muscles enough time to rest so they can get bigger.


  • Track Your Progress - Weigh yourself every once in a while and take a measurement of your arms after every two weeks. If you notice that your arms are not getting bigger, then you’re probably not training hard enough or you are not consuming enough food.


Strong Lifts and Arm Growth

strong lifts

One of the most popular questions that muscle builders have is whether they can add assistance exercises for the arms in strong lifts to hit the biceps and triceps.


Yes, you can, however you are already getting plenty of indirect arm exercises with Strong Lifts 5x5.


  • Biceps - Barbell rows are great at working your biceps since this requires holding the bar and pulling towards you.


  • Triceps - Overhead press and bench press can work your triceps hard since it requires pressing the weight away in every rep.


  • Forearms - Deadlifts can help to work your forearms hard, just avoid straps.


You can also add dips and chin-ups to Strong Lifts 5x5 to work your arm more. These exercises are actually much better than the bicep curls since the weight is much heavier.


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