What are Free Weights and Why You Need Them

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Have you noticed how many people wish they looked differently? Every day, I get to meet a lot of people, who are unhappy with their looks and appearances. They never want the same thing, though. Some people wish their legs were leaner, others want to build stronger calves and hamstrings, while the third ones want to have a symmetrical body.

The best way for each one of those people that are unsatisfied with their current look is to start training. No, I am not exaggerating. Not even a bit. What better way to build the body of your dreams than by going to the gym? After a few weeks of hard work and dedication, your body will have no other option than to start adapting to your new lifestyle and to change.

Whether you want to lose weight, look like a bodybuilder or just get in shape, there is one thing you need to know before going to the gym and that’s what free weights area. Most people associate free weights with a bodybuilder workout plan. I hate to break it to those people, but weight training is not only for bodybuilders.

If you want to improve your strength or build muscles, I suggest you keep on reading, as this article will help you understand what the meaning of free weights is and which are the most effective exercises according to your goal.

Are you ready? Let’s take a look.


What are Free Weights?
what are free weights

Free weights refer to the equipment used for weight training. For instance, dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells or even power bar. I know how simple this may sound to you, yet there are many things you need to take into consideration before starting your workout but more on that later.


Should I Use Free Weights?

Yes, you need free weights. In fact, free weights are an irreplaceable part of every gym. Well, at least of the good ones. As a friend of mine once said, they are crucial for the survival of every gym as well as gym goer.

There are many benefits that come along when using free weights. They give you the opportunity to lift heavier weights. For instance, you can go to the gym and do pushups or pull-ups without using any weight, right? In other words, you will be pushing or pulling your own body weight. 

However, when you want to improve your strength and muscle growth, you have the incredible opportunity to do so by using dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells or the power bar. You can easily find the equipment you need for your workout either on the Dumbbell Rack, the Weight Tree, or the Barbell Rack.

The next thing I am about to share with you is of high importance for your progress. The only reason I am going to share this with you is that the number of people who don’t know this basic principle is shockingly high. No, I am not joking but I wish I were...

Do you want to build muscle mass? You need to increase the reps or sets you normally do. Do you want to build more strength? You need to lift heavier weights. 

One of the greatest benefits of weight training is the incredible chance to target specific muscle groups and types of movement. If you have any specific muscle group in mind, there are hundreds of exercises you can choose from to develop the desired area.

Let’s not forget to mention that there are also hundreds of exercise combinations and variations. For instance, if you find it hard to do an exercise with a barbell, you can easily switch it with a pair of dumbbells.

In addition, free weights are a common type of strength training. Using any of the following gym equipment will help you develop strength and build muscle mass.

  • Squat Rack
  • Power Station
  • Flat, Incline or Decline Bench
  • Preacher Curl Bench
  • Back Extension Bench
  • Ab Bench
  • Glute Ham Bench

You are almost ready to hit the gym. You now know the fundamentals of weight training. There are just a couple of more things you need to know so keep on reading.

As with any other exercise, improper execution or posture can result in an injury. You must be very careful. Another way to get hurt is to lift weights that are beyond your capabilities. Make sure the weight you are training with is not heavier than you can handle.

Here’s a list with the 4 most important injury prevention tips.

Safe Exercise Performance

  • Make sure you warm up and stretch prior to your workout
  • Pay attention to your posture while doing any exercise
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Give your body the time it needs to recover from the workout 

If you are a beginner, I suggest you start training with a professional the first couple of months or even the first year. Once you feel comfortable, you can continue on your own.

With a proper training program, as well as proper form and performance of the exercise, you will be one giant step closer to achieving the body of your dreams.

Here’s the bottom line:

After everything you just read about free weights, you can’t deny how potentially beneficial they are. Whether you want to pack on some serious muscle mass or to just get in shape, free weights are the thing you need. I wanted and gave my best to summarize the most crucial information in this article. However, there are more things I would like to share with you guys, so stay tuned for Part 2. Meanwhile, take a look at the 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Muscle.


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