What do you do in life?

Lazar Angelov
The Big Boss
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Hey people, what's happening? as you might know, I lift weights from time to time lol

what does each one of you do in life?

Nikhil Darbar
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We we also lift heavy bro 
hey bro what are you doing now this days ? 
No videos or any new photos of your motivation ? 
David Robb
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Hello ,ive just joined your program on the "muscle gain " ,ive just completed day three. Im a chef in the merchant navy so access to food is not a problem ha ha , anyway I look forward to seeing results ,we will see how it goes. Take care. 
Asen Asenov
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Hey Lazar, I'm also lift heavy bro:) I just want to thank you for everything..for training..diet plan..I waited years for this:) dream come true..I'm so excited:)
I will be glad if one day we meet..I'm also from Bulgaria:) and I've played basketball like you. I grew up with basketball and I know many things:)
In the coming monts I'm waiting for the big progress. I'm getting closer to be like you:) You are my motivation! All the best!
Thomas Stokes
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im 31 suffer with depression after the death of my son 5 years ago lost my wife and 3 other kids because of and now turned it round by white collar boxing for charity got my second fight april so eny tips would be gratefull
Mladen Dimitrov
I dream to be professional trainer
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I'm 22 years old and currently i am working as a technical support for a british company. It is great because i have scheduled breaks during my shifts and i can eat properly. I love my job but one i see myself as a personal trainer like you.