I am ready for change, may God (Lazar) be with me!

Stefan T
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Registered: 19 May 2017
Hi guys, I am Mastera, a 25 yo from Albuquerque, and I have already started my physical transformation with LA's fitness academy. I am looking to loose a little bit of weight and become fitter.
Big Poppa
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Welcome bro, good to hear there's someone from Albuquerque! I had a high school friend from there.
Stefanos Kokkinidis
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Registered: 15 November 2017
Hello everyone , just started I’m stefanos from Greece and ready for a big change need to loose weight first and then go to the next level !!! Hope here is the place that will help me to Succeed ! 
Lazar Angelov
The Big Boss
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Let's get it Stefanos!
Taurus Gabriele
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Hallo Leute bin der Gabriele aus Elsau aus der Schweiz, mein Ziel ist Muskelmasse zu zunehmen und Definition ...... 
Wünsche euch viel Glück bei euren Zielen
Pawan Verma
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Registered: 03 January 2018
HI Guys , My name is pawan from india. I am finding this website difficult to use. Not sure how i would start. Could someone please help with diet plan? I am not able to contact to lazor as well.