Different between personalized training program and more workouts

Moe Albdairi
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Registered: 17 August 2018
I just started before two days 
and I got confused 
do i need to do any of rhose more workouts option or just go with my planned program 
Dmitriy Klepach
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Registered: 15 July 2018
It seems nobody will answer us ... 
Frederick White
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Registered: 02 November 2017
It seems that "More Workouts" is optional in the event you need an additional challenge or inbetween from your planned workouts and/or rest days.
Hamza Cherfe
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Registered: 15 October 2018
Hey there 
I just joined to lazar fitness academy , can anybody tell me what's different of laser program between fitness academy and personal training program.?
Hossein Mohsenisis
medical Student
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Registered: 26 October 2018
hey there,

I have paid 147 USD and was premium member for 10 days but its for 3 days my premium membership has been stopped and i dont have any access to my personalized account. can someone help me with this issue? i have written several emails to [email protected] but there is no answer until now.

Thanks in advance