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Fitness Academy

Lazar Angelov is a renowned bodybuilder, personal trainer and fitness model.

Born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, he started his journey as an athlete in professional basketball, eventually becoming an elite point guard and scorer. In the army, where Lazar spent one and a half years, he discovered a new passion that will completely change his life - fitness!    

Since 2006 Lazar Angelov has been participating in bodybuilding competitions, where he was a phenomenal success. He has also been a guest judge at multiple World Fitness Championships and, most recently, at Dubai Muscle Show. Lazar is a renowned model - he has appeared on the covers of Men’s Health and Muscle & Fitness. He’s a genuine inspiration to many fitness professionals and enthusiasts - he’s got over 13 million followers on Facebook!  

As a certified fitness trainer, he devoted a big part of his career to helping the people around him develop themselves, both physically and mentally. The passion for fitness and determination to share his knowledge led Lazar to establish Fitness Academy.

Lazar Angelov is looking forward to welcoming you to Fitness Academy, whether you are a professional or a complete novice, and he is determined to help you achieve best results. Good luck!
Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy is a lifestyle platform that is designed to help you achieve great fitness results and live a healthier life. Here is what it has to offer:

    Premium Members Free Members
Personalized Training Program Every month receive a personalized workout plan, developed by professional trainers and tailored to your specific goals Full Access  X
Ask Lazar Directly ask Lazar Angelov any questions on fitness, bodybuilding, health and wellbeing Full Access X
Lazar Angelov's Inner Circle Ask questions and take part in discussions with Lazar Angelov and other committed fitness enthusiasts in the premium section of Community Full Access X
Workouts Access a wide selection of graphically illustrated workouts Full Access Restricted Access
Video Library Discover the large library of workout videos to sharpen your skills and discover new ways to train Full Access Restricted Access
Community Participate in the Fitness Academy’s community forum to discuss sport- and health-related topics with like-minded enthusiasts Full Access Restricted Access
Daily & Community Challenges Push your limits with the personal daily challenges or contribute to the group effort in Community Challenges Full Access Full Access
Fitness Library Explore the vast library of articles on health, fitness and lifestyle from academics, members of the Fitness Academy team and Lazar himself Full Access Full Access

Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder, a casual fitness enthusiast or a complete novice, Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy will help you achieve your fitness objectives and make your life a little more balanced.
The Fitness Academy subscription costs $19.90 per month. Or you can save a bit of money by getting an annual subscription for $147!

The subscription gives you access to premium features, like Personalized Training Programs, Ask Lazar and Lazar Angelov’s Inner Circle.

If you’re not ready to commit financially, that is not a problem! You can create a free account with Facebook, Google or email here. See for yourself what Fitness Academy is like, and you can upgrade your account later.
As long as you are 18 years old or older, and your health conditions allow you to perform physical exercise, you can join the Academy.

If you have any potential concerns with regards to your medical conditions, we strongly recommend you consult a doctor before commencing training with Fitness Academy.

All people are all different and have different workout requirements and objectives. Here at Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy, we encourage you to objectively assess your abilities and regulate your workload accordingly.

Injuries and traumas are the last things you need!
Joining the Academy is incredibly easy. Simply sign up with your email, Google or Facebook account here.

You can choose the paid subscription ($19.90/month) to access the premium features, including Personalized Training Programs, Ask Lazar and Lazar Angelov’s Inner Circle.

Or you can join as a free member to try out some of the features of Fitness Academy, and upgrade to the full subscription later.

Features & Services

Personalized Training Programs are available to our premium members.

Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll see a 24-hour countdown. When this time elapses, your personalized 30-day training program will be ready and waiting for you in the My Home section!

The Fitness Academy subscribers receive a new set of fitness instructions every month. Since every single plan is based on your personal fitness level, physical requirements and objectives, you will be able to achieve impressive results in no time! Just follow your plan and work hard!
You can get to the Workouts section from here, or from the home page of Fitness Academy. It is available to both, free and premium members.

The Workouts section gives you access to graphic illustrations of and instructions to numerous exercises, so that you can find a workout that works for you. Browse around and discover something new and interesting!
The Ask Lazar feature of Fitness Academy allows you to send Lazar Angelov a personal message with your questions about fitness, bodybuilding, diet, health and motivation - pretty much about anything! He’ll personally respond to you within a week.

This feature is exclusively available to our premium members, who can ask Lazar one question per month. He’s a busy guy, you know…

Lazar is a true inspiration with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Whether your aim is to improve your fitness skills or simply get some motivation - he’s the right person to talk to!
Fitness Library is fully available to both free and premium members. Non-paying subscribers, however, get restricted access to Video Library.

Fitness Library gives you access to a vast library of articles from academics, us here at Fitness Academy and Lazar Angelov himself. There you can learn a lot about different foods and exercises, discover new ways to train, and find out how to live a more balanced healthy lifestyle.

Video Library is a selection of educational videos, workout demonstrations and exclusive interviews with Lazar Angelov.
Community is a discussion platform for us, like-minded fitness enthusiasts, to share knowledge ideas and experiences. You can participate in numerous forum-based discussions and community challenges - they are a lot of fun!

Most sections of the Community are available to all members of Fitness Academy.

Premium members also get access to Lazar Angelov’s Inner Circle, an exclusive section of the Community, to which Lazar himself regularly contributes. Partake in the discussion, meet like-minded people and share your knowledge!  
Daily Challenges are individual tasks that are updated every 24 hours. And as the name suggests, they are designed to push your limits. All to help you achieve the best results, of course!

Weekly Challenges are community-based competitions. As part of the wider group of fitness enthusiasts, you’re trying to complete a common objective, say, perform the total of 10,000 dips. Each member of the community contributes to achieving this goal. All for one and one for all! 

Daily and Weekly Challenges are available to both free and premium members.

My Account

To upgrade to Premium membership, click on your profile picture (or the Fitness Academy icon if you haven't uploaded the picture) at the top right-hand corner of the page. Then select Go Premium.

There, you can select two payment options: either $19.90 monthly or $147.00 for a one-year membership. With the second option, you effectively get 2 months of Fitness Academy for free!
Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy offers free membership as well as paid subscription. Free members get limited access to the platform, while paying subscribers can enjoy premium features, like Personalized Training Programs. 

The subscription costs $29.70 per month and the payment is taken on the date that you subscribed to the service. You can join Fitness Academy using Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards.

If you cancel your subscription mid-month, you can continue using the service until your subscription expires.
To change your password click on your profile picture (or the Fitness Academy icon if you haven't uploaded the picture) at the top right-hand corner of the page. Then select Settings. Input the new password and click Change Password.
To change your personal information, including name, weight and height, click Your Profile at the upper right-hand corner. Click Edit Profile, change the information and click Update Profile to save your changes.
To cancel your subscription click on your profile picture (or the Fitness Academy icon if you haven't uploaded the picture) at the top right-hand corner of the page. Then select Settings. Click Subscription on the left-hand side of the page and follow the instructions.


To guarantee complete security of your personal data we do not store your payment information on our servers. As a result, you will not be able to change your card details once you’ve registered.

Do not worry, though! If you change your card you can still continue enjoying the premium features of Fitness Academy. All you need to do is cancel your existing subscription and register again. All your progress, history and achievements will still be available to you.  

This will only take 5 minutes but will guarantee that your payment details are as protected as they can be!   
Being a premium member of the Academy, you have the right to a 30-day money-back guarantee. All you have to do is email our Support Center at [email protected]


Here at Lazar Angelov’s Fitness Academy we take data protection very seriously. Naturally, we have obtained the Certificate of PCI DSS Merchant Compliance, which ensures that we are in line and up-to-date with the industry standards and practices.  

We are also using the SSL certificate, which enables us to create a secure connection between the server and the browser. In simple words, it means that all the data that you input while browsing the Fitness Academy is private and secure.  

All sensitive data is encrypted and securely stored. Neither Fitness Academy, nor anyone else can see or decrypt sensitive information, including passwords.
No. We do not share user information with anyone.


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All you have to do in order to contact our Support Centre is send an email to s[email protected].