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has received preliminary approval for Lazar Angelov's
"Fitness Academy" limited-time offer.


However, we're experiencing huge demand for this opportunity. And there are only a limited number of spots available.

For that reason, we need to make sure that only those truly committed to strictly following Lazar's secret methods and strategies for burning fat and building lean muscle receive all of the benefits of this package.

In order to continue, you must agree to all of these program rules:

I agree to use Lazar Angelov's "Fitness Academy" safely and as instructed. The workouts will greatly increase the amount of fat that your body will burn, and losing too much belly fat too quickly can be dangerous. Despite the temptation to get ripped extremely quickly, you must not overdo it.

I agree to limit my workouts to the schedule detailed in Lazar Angelov's "Fitness Academy" The detailed exercise program is designed to maximize fat burning and lean muscle building in a rapid - yet safe - manner. Some people overdo their workouts when they see dramatic results after just a few sessions, and end up overtraining and overheating. Lazar's program allows for both impressive fat loss and muscle building, and sufficient body rest. You must not go beyond the recommended schedule, despite the temptation.

I agree to moderate the amount of weight training that I do at first. &Lazar Angelov's "Fitness Academy" is going to transform your body and create an enormous amount of new, lean muscle and your body may not be ready for all of that growth right away. For effective results, you should not initially train with more than your own body weight, so that your muscle growth does not outpace your body's ability to handle it.

I understand that preliminary approval for this offer does not guarantee availability of the Lazar Angelov's "Fitness Academy" package once I leave this page, and that the special offer is only available if I complete the form on this page now.

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