Does Tribulus Boost Testosterone?

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Does Tribulus Boost Testosterone

I like to interact with people on my blog. In fact, I hold Q&A’s on a regular basis where I answer a lot of questions, but sometimes I can’t go in-depth about certain issues. That’s why I write articles like this one so that I can provide more information about some of the answers that you may have.

This article is in response to John, one of my readers, who asked us does Tribulus boost testosterone and what other benefits does it have?

Most men would not hesitate to grab a pill that they are sure will boost their testosterone levels.  Therefore, if you see that no one is rushing out to get this pill, it could be for good reason; this pill simply does not work.

A lot of testosterone products that can be bought over the counter have this herb as part of their ingredients. It’s quite a popular product among bodybuilders so my team decided to research more about this product seven years ago. Together with the assistance of two researchers, we put together a review about this product. However, this review has never been published before since the controls put in place during the research were not airtight. However, this does not completely rule out our findings. We did this research on 16 participants. We found out that after 16 weeks of using this product, there were no significant differences on the participants when compared to people who didn’t use the supplement at all. We couldn’t find any difference at all.

If you are still asking the question does Tribulus boost testosterone, there are plenty of research material that shows that this is not true at all and buying this product to boost your testosterone levels would be like pouring money down the drain, you can check my advice on how to boost testosterone naturally. has come up with quite a comprehensive guide about supplements. In fact, we normally use it as a guide to crosscheck information about different supplements.

Here is what they had to say about Tribulus:


They stated that Tribulus does not work. Taking it with the expectation that you will become stronger and more muscular is a waste of time since it won’t make much difference. This is especially among athletic males.

However, this does not mean that this supplement is completely useless. It has other benefits, but not when it comes to boosting testosterone levels. This hormone can improve the health of your organs, as well as boost your cardiovascular system.

The reason why Tribulus is still in the market and it still sells is because it is a great libido enhancer. In most cases, herbs that boost libidos are usually included in testosterone boosting products in order to make the consumers feel the effects of using the product and imagine that it’s working on them. Unfortunately, in this case, while boosting your testosterone levels will boost your libido as well; this product will just boost your libido a bit without increasing your testosterone levels.

The reality is that while Tribulus is marketed as a testosterone boosting herb, it doesn’t have the benefits that are usually associated with high testosterone levels. That’s better recovery, muscle and strength. Just because it boosts your libido doesn’t mean that it’s doing anything when it comes to your testosterone levels.

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