Do Green Smoothies Really Work for Body Detox?

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Cleansing diets have become very popular. You have probably heard about it from local vendors that sell organic juices.

These are juices that are sold to help people detoxify their body. They help with the cleansing of the liver and the kidney. Their main goal is to cleanse the whole body from toxins and improve the functioning of the body organs. This will also help you age well.

The way these products are marketed gives the impression that the manufacturers don’t have a good understanding of how the human body really works. Or if they do have an understanding of it, then they are just selling you a product that they know doesn’t work.

Real cleansing in the body takes place in the body cells. This process is known as autophagy, and it takes advantage of the cell’s abilities to regenerate and produce new cells.

This process is important in the development of your brain, helping you recover from injuries and in the weight loss process.

There are many cellular processes that are taking place in your body. Some of these processes can end up damaging the cells. When this happens, the body works to get rid of damaged and dead cells. This is what is known as autophagy. This is much more than what taking cleansers can do for you.

The Real Body Cleanse

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The real cleansing is what takes place at the cellular level of your body. There are millions and millions of cellular reactions in your body throughout your lifetime. With time, this can lead to some wear and tear in your system - the same way a car with lots of mileage can suffer from wear and tear. When this happens, the cells produced by the body might not be 100% perfect. Your body might end up doing things like producing impaired mitochondria. This can end up being quite toxic to the human body because damaged mitochondria are a by-product of your body’s functioning.

When you have too many damaged cells within your body, this can lead to negative health effects. You might end up with chronic illnesses or you might start aging faster than usual. This is because the impaired mitochondria might damage the cells that are around them.

There’s increased interest in using autophagy in different areas.

This includes:

  • As cancer therapy for cancer patients
  • Treating liver disease that’s caused by alcoholism
  • Treatment against neurodegenerative disease
  • Treatment against malignant infections

In addition, research has shown that autophagy can be used to treat viral, as well as bacterial infections.

Juicing vs. Fasting

The main reason why juicing is propagated to be a cleansing solution is that it’s a nutrient-rich drink which can be fed to the body on a regular basis. This is healthy and a good way to lose weight considering that you will not be eating as much as before. However, there are some ways that juicing is promoted as a cleansing solution that’s just not right.

Fasting helps to promote autophagy since eating discourages this process. Even little amounts of glucose and amino acids in the body can prevent this process from taking place.

How Intermittent Fasting Fights Disease, Builds Muscle, and Improves Overall Health

The connection between fasting and neurological diseases is being studied. This is because when one fasts, autophagy increases in the brain. Therefore, patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and Huntington’s disease will get improved neural function. Fasting has the ability to help your body get rid of damaged cells and mitochondria from the body that usually make these diseases worse.

Some people think that intermittent fasting can also help slow down aging. Aging comes as a result of the body wearing out.

However, too much autophagy is not good for you. It can lead to muscle loss, weakness and skeletal fiber degeneration. Therefore, avoid being in a constant state of autophagy because it’s not good to go for super long fasts. Similarly, juicing for a long time is not a good idea since you won’t be eating. This will cause your body to be in a constant state of autophagy.


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