Does Deer Antler Velvet Really Work?

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Ray Lewis played a big role in making deer antler velvet popular during the Superbowl. Even though most of the media question whether Ray Lewis actually uses the product, the bigger and most important question is does this product work?

We are more than happy to analyze studies about different supplements and break down this knowledge to anyone who is interested, so that they also understand how supplements like deer antler velvet work. That’s why we will take some time to break down information about this product so that you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

We will admit that we don’t have too much experience using this product and that’s why our team took some time to research more about it in order to establish the credibility of this product. The conclusion we came up with is that this product is not that good.

Studies on Deer Antler Velvet

Studies on Deer Antler Velvet

Here are some of the things that researchers found out about this supplement that made us come to this conclusion.

The New Zeeland Medical Journey, in its article titled “Health benefits of deer and elk velvet antler supplements: a systematic review of randomized controlled studies” concluded that there wasn’t enough research done on human subjects to prove the claims made about this drug.

The International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism concluded that the supplement didn’t make any significant contribution to the performance of rowers.

The Biological Research for Nursing, in its article “A randomized clinical trial of elk velvet antler in rheumatoid arthritis” stated that there was no significant difference between arthritis patients who used this supplement to manage their symptoms and those who didn’t, though some improvements on symptoms were noted.

The International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science, in “The effects of deer antler velvet extract on aerobic power and muscular strength” stated that there were lots of inconsistencies about what this supplement could do. Also, there weren’t significant changes to the user’s strength after using this product.

Deer Antler Velvet Hype

The hype behind this product is the fact that deers are the only animals that can regenerate body organs, some as big as 60 lbs. Therefore, this product was made with the idea that it can help do the same thing for human beings.

However, things are not that simple, since obviously a lot of factors go into making the regeneration possible in deers. This process cannot be simply copy-pasted and expected to work the same way in human beings. That’s what might have caused the failure of this product. There are too many unknown factors coming into play that it can be hard to tell what exactly makes this process possible in antlers.

IGF-1 in Deer Antler Work

If we assume that IGF-1 is part of the ingredients used in this product, there are still some things that are not clear.

When it’s consumed orally, will it be absorbed by the body? Usually, HGH is injected to increase IGF-1.

How much IGF-1 is required for the regeneration to take place?

There was a research that showed some rats that orally consumed this product had absorbed it into their bodies. It is hard to tell whether this is true or not since no big pharmaceutical companies have yet come up with an oral dose of this element. At the moment, you will have to inject yourself with HGH in order to boost your IGF-1 levels in the body.

The other concern is about the spray. If it’s that good, how come there isn’t a lot of hype about it?

Moreover, what quantities should one consume before this product can work? Also, what duration of time does it take before it can be broken down? This is the most challenging question out of them all since it’s so hard to tell.



The best thing would be for you not to go for this product but to buy something else instead that would be more helpful like some fish oil, whey protein or vitamin D. You can also opt for other supplements such as fenugreek, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea or curcumin.


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