Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Starting a Low-Carb Diet

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If you want to lose excess fat, consider going on a low-carb diet. Research has proven that this diet minimizes insulin resistance, as well the possibility of getting diabetes. This is because this diet eliminates foods that most people tend to overeat and foods that usually cause a spike in blood sugar levels. However, there are various challenges that come with being on a no carb diet, for instance, having high expectations that the diet will work fast, consuming too much of the other macronutrients and not planning your diet properly. This can have severe effects on you.

Once you learn the mistakes that people make with this kind of diet, then you can also learn how to avoid them.

Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid:

Not Eating Enough Carbs

When you are on a low-carb diet, it doesn’t mean that you have to absolutely not eat any carbs.  You still need to eat a healthy diet. Vegetables and fruits have carbohydrates, and so do other foods that you will be eating.

If you don’t get enough carbs, you will experience a carb crash, which might make you come to the conclusion that a no carb diet is not good for you. However, this shouldn’t be the case since if you know how to go about this diet then you won’t experience a crash that can make you decide to get off the diet.

Over-Eating Allowed Foods

You might be tempted to over-eat the allowed foods. For instance, you might end up eating too much fat or too much protein. This in itself is a risk, since too much of these nutrients can have health implications for you and you can even end up gaining weight, as these foods also have carbohydrates.

Therefore, just because certain foods are allowed doesn’t mean that you should over-indulge in eating them.

Not Eating Enough Vegetables


Some people complain that they don’t get full when they are on a low carb diet. When you take a closer look at what they are eating, you might realize that it is probably because they are not eating enough vegetables.

Your plate should consist of at least half vegetables. You should also eat lots of fruits. These foods will help you stay healthy, while also ensuring that your waistline doesn’t expand. You should learn how to incorporate more vegetables into your diet by following some preparation tips.

Being Afraid of Fat

As much as consuming too much fat is not good for you, completely staying away from fat is also not recommended. Eat good fats as they are good for your brain function, they help you stay fuller for longer and they improve your cholesterol levels.

Since fats help to curb cravings, staying away from them can make you hungry faster, and you will end up eating a lot more than you should. Some of the things you can do to incorporate more fat into your diet include eating half of an avocado with your eggs or even dressing your salad with olive oil.

Forgetting Fiber

To get enough fiber in your diet, you have to eat lots of fruits and veggies. Fiber helps you avoid constipation and other gastrointestinal illnesses that most people who remove high carb foods from their diet experience.

Not Having a Plan

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Plan ahead so that you always have the right things to eat when you get hungry. Not having a plan is one of the quickest ways to fall back to old eating habits. Cook meals in batches and have a meal planner.

Eating the Same Things Over and Over Again

Most people value variety. You will get bored when you keep eating the same thing over and over again.  Try to eat lots of different kinds of foods and experiment with recipes from all over the world.

Eating ‘Low-Carb’ Packaged Foods

Foods that are labeled as “low carb” might not be good for you. These foods might have Maltitol, which is just as bad as sugar.

Not Exercising

Exercises are an essential part of this diet. They will help you lose weight as well as lower your insulin resistance.


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