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skull crushers

Having difficulties building big triceps? Chances are you are doing something completely wrong. For instance, you might be overtraining one of the three triceps heads and partially ignoring the other two, or your body might need more time to recover from the training.


In fact, to get the job done you need to make sure you are doing the exercises properly and you have chosen them wisely.  The right exercise combined with proper performance will actually help you build big triceps.


The good news is I know the best way you can improve your results in no time. 


Have you heard of Skull Crushers? Many people get a strange look upon their faces when they hear it. In fact, they are also called French extensions, French presses or Lying triceps extensions. These names sound much better, right?


So, let’s begin by acknowledging the fact that the skull crusher exercise uses the full capacity of the Triceps muscle group. No wonder why bodybuilders love it. The one thing that is certain when it comes to Skull crushers is the effectiveness of this exercise. 


This strength exercise is one of the most stimulating exercises that work the triceps. Muscles, starting from the elbow all the way to the latissimus dorsi (the large, flat muscle on your back), are taking part while performing this exercise. 


So, what is the meaning of Skull Crushers?


Skull crushers involve elbow extension movement while you are lying down either on a flat, decline, or incline bench. There are many ways you can do them.  For instance, you can use a straight bar, EZ curl bar or dumbbells for weight.


As I mentioned above, there is no need to get scared by the name of the exercise, it’s not that scary once you get used to the exercise. To be honest with you Skull crushers are a combination of a few single-joint triceps exercises.


Of course, each variation has its own benefits, as each one of the variations provides a different feel and effect. The most important rule when doing Skull crushers is to do them properly. For instance,  you don’t want to use more weight than you can handle. I’m sure you want to avoid accidentally crushing your skull, right?


And the big question is: How to properly do Skull Crushers?


Knowing every step is an inevitable part of successfully doing any exercise. Whether you train to build muscle, lose weight, or get in shape you have to know the correct steps.


Let’s look into the skull crusher with an EZ curl bar step-by-step guide.


Step #1: Begin by lying on a flat bench. Your feet should be placed on the ground and your head should hang just off the top of the bench.

Tip: Make sure the edge of the bench rests in the pit between your head and neck.


Step #2: Use an overhand grip when taking the barbell. Hold it out above your head.

skull crushers step 2

Tip: Ensure your arms are supporting the weight and that your palms are away from the body. The entire weight should be on the triceps.


Step #3: Breathe in as you bend your arms at the elbow and bring the bar down closer to the top of your forehead.

skull crushers step 3

Tip: Don’t allow your elbows to change their position by letting them sway outward.


Step #4: Breathe out as you press the barbell back up to starting position.

Tip: Aim to use a 10 o’clock angle when in starting position. Your feet should be at 3 o’clock angle.


Step #5: Repeat.



I showed you the most important thing there is to know when it comes to Skull crushers. It depends entirely on you whether you will do this exercise the way it is supposed to be done or you will risk getting injured.


A lot of people have asked me whether skull crushers are safe or not. Here’s something we can both agree on, as long as an excersie is done correctly, everything should be fine.


Remember it is better to lift lighter weight rather than crushing your skull. Be extremely careful with the weight you use. Not only this, but you must be careful with the movement itself.


For instance, when doing skull crushers an elbow pain might occur. As I already said, this might be due to improperly performed exercise.


For now you can start by simply adding this exercise to your workout routine. Once you are comfortable with the weight and the exercise, you might want to think about trying one of the following variations - Vertical or Incline EZ-Bar Skull Crusher.


Are you a fan of dumbbells rather than barbells and EZ-Bars? You can do skull crushers using dumbbells. Instead of lying on a bench, you will be lying on the ground. Make sure the dumbbell touches your forehead and you fully extend your arm, and you are ready to repeat.


So, here’s the bottom line…


Next time you go to the gym make sure you give skull crushers a try. Undoubtedly, when done correctly, you will notice a change in your triceps, as well as in your arms. If you want to find a new way to build big arms, you might want to read this article How to Get Bigger Arms. Are you ready to supersize your muscles?


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