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Lazar Angelov
Lazar Angelov
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Is there an exercise that as soon as you start, you want it to be over? For many of you, we’re sure, this exercise is running. More and more people, however, are picking up running, which a definitely a positive trend! But how, you may ask, will it help you become a better businessman? If you come to think about this, it’s quite logical really...

So why running? Running, in its essence, is a journey from one point to another. The same can be said about starting a business venture or completing a project. And in both, running and business, you actively learn and grow expertise to make this journey as successful as possible. In running you may measure success in minutes and seconds, and in business in dollars and turnover.

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A more specific similarity between running and business is that both make you commit! There is a commitment to finish a marathon, so you put all your physical and emotional strength into reaching the finish line. There is a commitment to find time every day to run for an hour, and this takes determination and resilience. Honoring this commitment is not (or should not be) optional. It doesn’t make a difference that you had a bad day at work and doesn’t feel too well. Just get up and do it!

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Now think about this from the business perspective. Isn’t it the same? Excuses don’t matter! If you aim is the success, you need to do everything possible and more, no matter what!

But we are all human and sometimes we just want to stop and quit, don’t we? Take running. How many times, during an exhaustive training session, were you thinking “It’s just too much”, “I’ll stop here and carry on tomorrow”, “I can’t do this anymore” and so on? If you say you haven’t thought that… well, we don’t believe you.

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But often, shortly after this, you also get “counter-thoughts” - “Should I really stop?”, “Am I a quitter?”, “If not now, then when?”. Don’t let these thoughts slip away! Once you firmly answer “Yes!” to these questions, you suddenly find the energy to carry on.

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Do you see where we’re going with this? In business, it’s the same. You may think that you’ve hit a dead end and the whole world is turning on you. So you just want to quit. But when you get your thoughts and emotions under control, you can suddenly see a possible, although hard, the path to success.

When you put all your determination and effort into something, whether business or running, you can overcome any obstacle and find answers to any question. All of this, of course, is under one condition - YOU MUST NOT QUIT!


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