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arm workouts for women

Arms that are well defined and have a lovely shape are the dream of every woman. So don’t hesitate to curl hard and heavy. Don’t worry - your arms will not get ripped out of your sleeves. Remember that unlike men, women don’t produce enough testosterone in order to achieve huge gains fast. Even the bulkiest of men know that muscle building requires a lot of time.


Nicely shaped triceps and biceps are important if you want to achieve your dream body. Furthermore, they are also an important aspect of a strong lifter.


So here’s a quick guide to some of the best arm workouts for women.


The Basics - Curls and Extensions


Most of the workout routines for biceps and triceps are based on two exercises: curls and extensions. These two exercises work by using the muscles in their natural function but with resistance.


When you perform these exercises, your biceps will contract to flex your elbow, by bringing your hand to the direction of your face. On the other hand, the triceps will contract in order to extend the elbow, and will bring your hand down to strengthen your arm.


These movements have many different variations, however, the main principle is the same; curls flex your elbow and extensions extend it at the same time.


When flexing and extending your elbow with resistance, you’ll end up recruiting muscle fibers. The heavier you perform these exercises, the more muscle fibers you will need in order to move the weight. If you will consistently challenge your muscles this way, they will respond by bulking up.


Many women perform a lot of curls using a small 5-lb dumbbell. But keep in mind that you need to strain your muscles in order to change them.


Don’t believe those who say that women should do many reps with zero weight. If your workout is not too hard, then you cannot expect to see results.


Examples of Arms Exercises




  • Barbell curl
  • Cable curl
  • Hammer curl
  • Incline curl




  • Cable pull-down
  • Kickback
  • Overhead dumbbell extension
  • Skullcrusher


Lady Guns Workout


The lady guns workout is ideal for those who are a beginner of arm training or those who need a more effective workout plan. Remember that you are already working your triceps and biceps on your chest and back for days, so the guns workout is mainly for refinement.


More Workout Tips


The 21 method is a great workout for your biceps. To perform this exercise, do 7 reps at the biceps curls’ lower half, another 7 reps at the biceps curls’ upper half, and finally finish off with 7 complete reps. Make sure you take enough rest after every set if you feel like you need to.


Performing partial reps can help to strengthen muscles at their weakest point. When doing biceps curls, it’s usually the start and the ending stages of the curls that you’ll find to be very difficult. If you are capable of handling a lot of weight even on your weakest areas, you could apply a good amount of stimulus to your muscles.


Doing the burn out sets is not that easy, yet they are so much fun. After you finish performing the sets, you will for sure feel a huge pump in both your triceps and biceps. Try to achieve 100 reps in as few sets as you possibly can.


There’s really no need to carry a lot of weight, however, make sure that you are getting enough resistance and you’re able to feel it. If the weight is starting to become too heavy, don’t hesitate to drop the weight and continue with what you’re doing. Just avoid resting for too long. The burnout sets are done in order to fatigue your muscles if they are already tired. Some people may not like them but they are a fun way to completely exhaust the last bit of energy left in your muscles.


So go ahead and give these arm workouts for women a try. If you find that you don’t actually like them or that you don’t find them to be effective for you, then there’s no need to keep on performing them.


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