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The loaded carry is one of the simplest yet most effective exercises for keeping the body in shape. The focal point of the workout is conveying weights from one point to another. You can walk while simply holding weights in your hands - this is called the farmer's walk. Alternatively, you can engage in the Zercher carry, which involves carrying weights in the hooks of your elbows. The final variation of the exercise, the overhead carry, is performed by walking with a bar, dumbbells or kettlebells raised over your head.  Loaded carries can also involve pulling or pushing of heavy objects, like a wheelbarrows, sleds or sandbags.     

The loaded carriers thoroughly exercise the body, as they involve a lot of flexible movement, balancing and stabilization of the trunk, and isometric tension in major muscle groups.  This workout can alter and improve your posture since the combination of walking and heavy weights require the body to continuously engage various muscles to maintain balance.    

Benefits Of The Loaded Carry Exercise

The loaded carries exercise will help you quickly burn excess body fat
It will stimulate the insulin sensitivity of the muscles
It helps to build muscles, as they are constantly put under strain for an extended period of time
The exercise reduces the risk of serious injury, associated with micro-oscillation
The loaded carries workout will increase your endurance and stamina
It enhances the overall physical performance and strength

Two Ways To Perform Loaded Carry

1. Stand-Alone

You can execute the loaded carry as a stand-alone workout, where you perform sets of just one kind of the loaded carries routine. All variations of the exercise, if executed correctly, will bring numerous health benefits. Which one you choose, should be determined by your current fitness objectives. Optimal results can be achieved with sets of between 55 and 90 yards (50-80 meters) with a break of 90-120 seconds in between.   

2. As A Circuit
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Alternatively, you can create a mini-circuit, where you combine a series of different forms of metabolic workouts with the loaded carries. With a combination of 2 or 3 of the following, you will be able to achieve great results:

Rope skipping
Mountain climbing


With regular 15-minute sessions of loaded carries, standalone or circuit,  you will be able to efficiently build, harden and develop your body. Try different combinations of the exercises as well as different intensities, to see what best suits your fitness conditions.

It is always crucial to support your fitness efforts with a healthy balanced diet. Otherwise, it is just counterproductive. If you’re not sure how food can help you develop your body, then read this article Vegetables For Effective Muscle-Building. Vegetables are not only rich in essential vitamins, but can also directly contribute to growing your muscle mass.


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