7 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day (Part 2)

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In the first part of this article, we talked about what a big mistake it is to skip leg day. There we shared with you 3 reasons why you should never do it. The consequences are harsh! Your legs are as important as your upper body and require the input of time and effort.   

It’s almost surprising how important legs are for the overall strength of the body. You must, of course, train and develop other muscles - just don’t forget about your lower body. Otherwise, you’ll look a bit silly as well… Chicken legs, remember?

Negative health consequences and embarrassment in the gym is something that you definitely want to avoid. If the 3 reasons weren’t quite enough to convince you, make sure to read about the remaining four. We’re sure you won’t skip leg day after that!    

Don’t Skip Leg Day!

#4 You’d Look Better

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Do you go to the gym to get in shape and look nice? In this case, not training your lower body barely makes any sense. There is no point to work and make your upper buddy look good, when you have, well, chicken legs. You’d be making the wrong impression - training for all the wrong reasons. Skipping leg day can make you look somewhat vain.

#5 You’d Impress ladies

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If you’re a guy, chicken legs will not do you any favors with women. This is partly because for them, legs workouts are among the most important ones. In fact, women prioritize training legs. So if your body is nothing but a wide chest and big arms, you might have a problem.

#6 You’d Have Easier Time On A Diet

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Do you remember, in the first part of this article we mentioned that compound movements stimulate the release of testosterone? That’s not the only positive effect. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you can eat anything you see, but if you’re regularly training your legs, you can go just a little bit easier on yourself, when trying to lose weight.

#7 You’d Feel Better
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The wide range of benefits come with regularly training your legs, including a more balanced body, increased strength, accelerated muscle growth and many more. But the key one is that you simply feel better! At the end of the day, your wellbeing is what matters most. Plus, you’ll boost your self-confidence - completing the entire look of your body is worth a lot!


There you have it - 7 reasons not to skip leg day! Trust us, training the legs brings plenty of benefits, and otherwise, you’ll face some serious consequences. As any reasonable person would want to avoid these, we hope this article convinced you not to skip leg day anymore.

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