7 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day (Part 1)

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We’re pretty sure you’ve seen many guys in the gym looking like roosters - big upper body and thin legs… Do you know what this is called? Chicken legs!

A lot of people skip leg days. It is either because it’s too hard, they can’t be bothered or think that building up the upper body is enough. Well, we can say for sure that it doesn’t look that great!

Avoiding exercising the legs is one of the biggest mistakes one can make, and that is why in this two-part article we share with you 7 main reasons not to skip leg day. There are, of course, many more of them, but these 7 are among the most important ones. We hope, after reading this you’ll think twice before skipping leg day again!

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Leg Day

#1 You’d Avoid Injury

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Believe it or not, skipping leg day can be dangerous. If you’re only training the upper body and not the leg muscles, how much longer, do you think, your legs can hold your constantly growing body? Your legs take all the pressure from your torso. Without regular exercise, weak legs can lead to severe back problems, among other things.

#2 You’d be Stronger

woman dead lift in the gym

It is no secret that your legs contain a lot of strength. But only if you train them, will you be
able to unleash that power! Since many exercises require strength from your legs, developing the lower body can increase the overall power and boost performance. Your legs have some of the most powerful muscles in your body - so why waste them?

#3 You’d be Growing

strong man doing dead lift in the gym

Did you know that compound exercises help release higher amounts of testosterone? Squats, for example, are a compound exercise. What this means is that as you train legs, your entire body grows bigger. For many of us, it’s a major reason to regularly exercise the lower body.


If these things seem to you like they’re worth some effort, then don’t skip leg day. Legs are a very important muscle group and must not be neglected. Train them at least once a week - and doing some cardio on a treadmill doesn’t count!

If you’re intrigued but not entirely convinced by these reasons (or you’re simply keen to find out more), there is more for you! In 7 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day (Part 2) we’ll share with you the remaining four reasons. If you need a little bit more convincing not to skip leg day, we hope the second part of this article will do the job!


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