6 Zinc-Rich Foods You Need To Have On Your Grocery List

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Why is it important to eat zinc-rich food? That’s because most of the bioprocesses in our the human body rely on zinc! Here are a few things in our body that will benefit from a zinc-rich diet:

●      Sense of Smell
●      Skin
●      Immune System
●      Protein Synthesis
●      Blood Sugar Levels

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And what about us, fitness maniacs, athletes and bodybuilders? Can zinc help us achieve our fitness goals? Without a doubt! Zinc boosts the testosterone levels, which stimulates and supports muscle growth, and helps us sleep better. Oh, you think that poor sleep quality doesn’t hinder your fitness progress? Then, check out this article on the importance of sleep. You’ll be surprised! 

Working hard in the gym but not eating properly may result in zinc deficiency, and that’s something all of us would prefer to avoid. Be on the lookout for the following symptoms to spot the problem sooner.

Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency

●      Dry Skin
●      Decreased Appetite
●      Hair Loss
●      White Spots On Fingernails
●      Sleep Disorders
●      Allergies
●      Skin Irritation

These symptoms are quite unpleasant, aren’t they? But it’s not so hard to avoid zinc deficiency, and that’s why we share with you the list of 6 zinc-rich foods to have on the grocery list the next time you go to the supermarket. Enjoy!

Zinc-Rich Foods

#1 Peanuts

Peanuts are an excellent food source of zinc! In fact, around 23% of the daily recommended intake of zinc can be found in a 100-gram serving of roasted peanuts. And they make a nice and easy snack!

#2 Oysters

Oysters are probably one of the best food sources of zinc simply because they can provide our body with between 100% and 1000% (!) of the daily recommended intake of zinc per 100 grams! Be careful, of course, not to eat too much, as zinc overdose is toxic and can lead to iron deficiency.

#3 Liver

liver and bread

The liver is not only rich in zinc but also contains various beneficial vitamins and minerals. From 100 grams of liver, one can get up to 80% of the recommended amount of zinc.

#4 Dark Chocolate and Cocoa
dark chocolate

Dark chocolate and cocoa are widely known for their benefits. It’s no surprise, they are on this list! Cocoa is full of zinc - 100 grams of dark chocolate contain as much as 65% of the daily zinc intake.

#5 Red Meat
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Red meat comes second only to oysters in terms of the amount of zinc it contains. And on top of that, red meat is also rich in iron! If you’re not keen on oysters, red meat is the way to go!

#6 Seeds (Watermelon, Pumpkin, Sesame, Squash)

The four types of seeds, namely watermelon, sesame, squash, and pumpkin, are particularly high in zinc. 100 grams of seeds provide our body with about 70% of zinc it needs on a daily basis.

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The next time you go to the supermarket, be sure to include these 6 zinc-rich foods in your grocery list! Zinc is essential for our body, and zinc deficiency is definitely something to avoid. But also try not to overdose - consume in moderation.

We hope you enjoyed this article, and that it will help you improve your diet. If you are looking to refine your grocery list further, in his article 20 Healthiest Foods You Need to Have on Your Grocery List. Lazar talks about healthy (and delicious) food that should be regularly featured on your table. Have a look!


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