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Having a lean physique is a great ambition and, I’m sure, many of you have it. It is also an ambition that can be hard to achieve. But it doesn’t have to be a chore! There are ways to achieve your fitness objectives and have fun along the way, trust me. In the long term, it’s absolutely essential that you enjoy the time you spend in the gym.

To help you maximize the effectiveness of your physical workouts, I share with you 6 tips to get leaner and fitter. They will also help you feel more positive about your efforts, which is crucial. So read on and enjoy!

A Few Pointers To Get Leaner And Fitter

1. Use A Treadmill

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If you want to burn fat, then you need to run, and a treadmill should be your best friend! Not only will you burn a lot of calories, but also strengthen your cardiovascular system! Health benefits are not to be ignored! I suggest between 15 and 20 sprints for every workout session for 5 training days.  

2. Keep Calm

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If you want to get or stay in shape, I suggest you put all the day-to-day worries aside. Stay calm and don't get worked up about little things like, how you look before and after. When you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol, a hormone that stimulates anxiety. This adversely impacts the quality of your sleep and eating habits. As you can imagine, this can be good for your fitness efforts. So try to stay calm, in the gym and elsewhere.

3. Sprint

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Since cortisol stimulates anxiety and detrimentally affects the quality of sleep, it only hinders weight loss. If you maintain a steady pace during cardio, then you put more strain on your adrenal glands and stimulate the production of cortisol. So if your primary goal is to lose weight, I recommend you go with short bursts of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). And statistics prove this! Olympic sprinters on average have a body fat of 2%-4%, while long-distance runners have it at 9%-11%. Give it a try and the results will surprise you!

4. Engage In Complex Workouts

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When you make the workouts more complex, you are more likely to shed weight faster, than when you focus on a single exercise. A mix of 3 or 4 intensive workouts will go a long way! Try to mix and match the exercises below to lose weight faster and achieve your fitness objectives.

Squats - 5 to 8 reps
Squats-to-presses (i.e. thrusters)  - 5 to 8 reps
Good mornings - 5 to 8 reps
Power cleans - 5 to 8 reps
Bent-over rows - 5 to 8 reps
Deadlifts - 5 to 8 reps

5. Try The Sled Push

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To lose excess fat and look leaner and fitter than ever, you can try the sled push. This exercise will require a lot of effort in order to maintain momentum. You will increase your testosterone and GH levels, and burn more fat. Add some weight to a sled and push it for 25 yards (23 meters) or more. Take a 30-second break and repeat. I recommend between 10 and 15 reps.

6. Increase Intensity If Necessary

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High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is effective in helping you lose weight quicker. There are no guarantees, of course. That is why it is really important to constantly measure progress. Are you not burning calories fast enough? Well, the most obvious (and probably the most likely) reason for this is not high enough intensity of your workouts. You may also try switching to a different HIIT to see if it works better for you. Make sure to scrutinize what you do and how you do it - another potential reason for slow weight loss could be that you’re not performing the exercises correctly.   

Final thoughts...

Losing weight is not easy. If you want a fit and lean body, you need to work for it long and hard. Very hard! I hope these 6 tips will help you achieve the desired results faster. But if you think that you need to discuss this with someone, why not ask me directly? For this, head to the Ask Lazar section of Fitness Academy. Members get a to ask me a question every month, and if you want to talk about getting fit, I have a couple of other thoughts to share with you. So see you there!


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