6 Best Foods For Building Lean Muscle

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Building lean muscle can be quite tricky for many people because they are not eating properly. Training aside, your diet plays an important role in the process of muscle growth and recovery.

So if you are looking to grow your muscle mass - a high-protein diet is one of the keys! The calories that your body needs should come from a variety of nutrition sources, including poultry, vegetables, and lean beef.  If you want to grow your muscles and strength, you can add supplements, like creatine and whey protein, to your diet.

Good nutrition is instrumental in developing a perfect body! And for that reason, I share with you 6 best foods for building lean muscles. Make sure you have those in your kitchen, and you’re on your way to a great body!

Grow Muscles Faster With These Foods

#1 Lean Beef

lazar angelov eating beef meat

Lean beef is a bodybuilder's best friend! If you're wondering why, it’s because it contains no carbs at all and provides you with more than 25 grams of protein at only 164 calories per serving. Lean beef is also a great source of micronutrients, including vitamins K and B-12, iron, choline, and calcium. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), found in great quantities in lean beef, contributes to muscle growth and fat loss.

#2 Cottage Cheese

cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is an excellent snack before you go to bed! Why? That’s because it contains plenty of casein and very few calories.  Casein is a slow digesting protein that helps maintain your muscles, avoid mass loss and prevent cramps. Cottage cheese is also low in lactose and carbs, compared to other types of cheese.

#3 Quinoa
plate of Quinoa
Quinoa is known to contain good complex carbs, that provide you with long-lasting energy and help muscle recovery. It is a great source of protein! Regular consumption of quinoa contributes to the increase in insulin-like growth factor-1 levels, which is responsible for strength and muscle gains. If you want to speed up your muscles growth, make sure to add some complex carbs to your diet.

#4 Nuts


Nuts are an excellent source of both protein and crucial fats. They also contain a wide variety of nutrients; dietary fiber, mono and polyunsaturated fats, zinc, iron, antioxidants, and magnesium. All nuts are great for you, but don’t go crazy on them, as they are full of calories!

#5 Eggs


Eggs constitute a big part of the bodybuilder’s diet. This is because they are rich in protein and amino acids. Protein, found in eggs, supports and stimulates fat loss and lean muscle growth. And last but not least, eggs provide you with essential vitamins and minerals, that your body needs!

#6 Wild Salmon

lazar angelov eating salmon meal

Wild salmon comes with more health and fitness benefits than farmed salmon - that is why I personally prefer it. Not only does wild salmon contain fewer calories, but it is also richer in vitamins and minerals! Both farmed and wild salmon, however, provide equally high amounts of protein - so don’t worry if your options are limited. To really benefit from this amazing fish, have it at least twice a week. 

Final thoughts… 

Building lean muscle mass is not easy but also not impossible. All you need is motivation and determination to train hard and eat properly! Food is essential here! I hope that this list of 6 best foods for building lean muscles will help you enhance and improve your diet.

If you want to learn more about how protein affects your body and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals, make sure to check out my article 6 Reasons Why Whey Protein is a Bodybuilder's Delight. See you there!


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