6 Amazing Benefits Of Deep Squats

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If there is one exercise that helps effectively develop most of the lower body, it’s squats. This workout impacts and trains multiple areas, including waistline, glutes, quads, hams, and the hip and calf regions. The core, shoulders and the back area also greatly benefit from squats.

Deep squats are very popular with bodybuilders and professional athletes. If performed correctly, they improve the muscle coordination, help burn excess fat and build the strength and size of the muscles.

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Perfect squats are very hard to perform. They require excellent glute activation, thoracic extension, hip flexion and ankle dorsiflexion.  Although this is hard to achieve, deeps squats are beneficial for the musculoskeletal system in particular and the body generally.

A popular misconception is that squats are detrimental to the health of the knees. Not only is this not true, but this exercise is beneficial for them.

Benefits of Deep Squats

1.     Deep Squats Help Increase Glute Activity

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There have been several studies on the effect of deep squats on glute activities. Research from 2002 studied the correlation between the EMG activity of the glute, hams and quads, and the depth of squats. Positive correlation with glute activity had been found, but not much change was observed around the ham and quad activities.

2. Deep Squats Can Improve Movements Of Hips, Knees And Ankles

This was established by the researchers at Bryant in 2012. Mobility and flexibility of the test subjects were highly improved, as a result of regular deep squats exercises.

3. Deep Squats Stabilize Lumbopelvic Region

Researchers from Gorsuch in 2012 proved, that deep squats can significantly improve the stability of the lumbopelvic region, thereby increasing the activity of your rectus femoris and erector spine.

4. Deep Squats Boost Thigh Hypertrophy

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With this exercise, you get much better thigh and leg hypertrophy, compared to what you would get with shallow squats. This will help you achieve much greater vertical leaps if you do deep squats on a regular basis.

5. Deep Squats Increase Squatting Strength

Your squatting strength will improve significantly with both deep and shallow squats. More so, of course, with deep squats. The difference in effect is tangible and particularly prominent in the knee extension.

6. Deep Squats Increase Knee Strength

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Your knees are joints that comprise of both posterior and anterior cruciate ligaments. They are tissues, that help keep the knees balanced and stable. By engaging in deep squats you will be able to strengthen these ligaments, and ultimately your knees will be in a better position to withstand the pressure and strain of the everyday activity.


It’s clear that deep squats bring numerous benefits to our health, wellbeing and fitness performance. If you want to learn more about training legs, then read Lazar Angelov’s article 7 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day. He discusses the health and fitness implications of not training the lower body. This is something that every gym-goer needs to be aware of.
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