5 Reasons You Are Constantly Hungry

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Lazar Angelov
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You’ve been eating all day but hunger is still there? There might be a simple explanation to this, and this article may help you get rid of the constant food cravings.

Yes, proper timings of meals are very important, and skipping a meal is the most obvious reason why you’re hungry. But what if your meal schedule is in order, but you still want to devour everything in sight? That, I can tell you, is not a rare occurrence for many. Hunger is a complicated thing, that is determined by an array of biological and psychological factors - so it’s not always easy to say what triggered it.

For that exact reason, I decided to share with you 5 reason you’re constantly hungry. There are, of course, many more potential reasons, but these 5 are likely to be widespread. I hope after reading this article, you’ll be able to better understand your body and change your habits for the better.

That’s Why You’re Always Hungry

#1 You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

Are You Getting Enough Sleep

Have you not been getting much sleep lately? Well, it’s a no-brainer, you’re always hungry, then! Lack of sleep will be reflected in your appetite even if you’ve been stuffing yourself with food all day. That’s because the levels of leptin, the "satiety hormone", are reduced when you’re not getting enough snooze time. The lack of sleep also leads to the increase in the levels of ghrelin, the “hunger hormone” - pretty self-explanatory, I think.

#2 You Are Thirsty
You Are Thirsty

Often it’s easy to confuse thirst with hunger. Yes, yes! It’s a legit reason, although it may seem a bit odd. How can you confuse the two? As it turns out - easily! There is this feeling, when you know your body needs something, but you’re not quite sure what... A natural response from the brain is to interpret this as hunger, while in reality, a glass of water can help. Water is essential for your body, as it plays a vital role in transporting important nutrients to the tissue cells. Hence, if you’re dehydrated, the chances are you’ll feel hungry as well!

Make sure to drink plenty of water between meals - this will help you control your appetite and silence hunger. So the next time you’re craving food for no reason, drink a glass or two of water and wait 15 minutes - your hunger may actually be just thirst.

#3 You Are Eating Too Many Carbs

Eating Too Much Carbs

Does this look like your typical day: sugary cereal for breakfast, pizza for lunch, salty chips for a snack and pasta or rice for dinner? In this case, that’s the reason you’re always hungry! As long as you fuel yourself with food, that is rich in carbohydrates, you will stay hungry, no matter how much you eat. Here is how it works. When you consume a lot of carbs, your body produces high amount of insulin, which carries sugar from your blood and stores it in the cells. Once this is done, naturally, your blood sugar levels go down. Your body then sends signals to your brain, indicating that it needs more sugar. I’m sure you know how it goes from there… That’s when you start craving sugar and carbs. It’s like a vicious circle of unhealthiness!

#4 You Have Fast Metabolism

That’s just the way it is. Some people are born with the fast metabolism. In this case, you would experience constant hunger because your body burns calories much faster - even while you’re resting! This means that your body needs fuel - you just need to eat more frequently.

#5 You Eat Too Fast

Eat Too Fast

If you think this doesn’t matter, oh, how wrong you are! If you’re eating as fast as Usain Bolt’s running, how do you expect to know when you’re full? It takes more than 15 minutes for your body to give a signal to your brain, that that’s enough food. If your meal is gone in under 5 minutes, of course, you’ll crave for more! Eat slowly and allow the “hunger hormones” to reach your brain. It also gives you more time to actually enjoy your meal. 

Final thoughts...

If you’re feeling constantly hungry, the chances are this is due to one or several of these reasons. Hunger is a complicated thing and many other factors play role in it, but these 5 are definitely among the top reasons. So the next time you wonder why you are craving food every 5 minutes, remember those! 

If you’re looking to find out more about balanced eating habits, why not check out my article 15 Unhealthy Foods that You Must Erase From Your Diet? It’s never too late to start eating well!


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