5 Most Dangerous Steroids and Supplements You Must Avoid (Part 1)

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5 Most Dangerous Steroids and Supplements You Must Avoid (Part 1)

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Would you be surprised if I told you that most anabolic steroids are bad for you? I don’t think so. It’s no secret that they are a great threat to your health and even your life...

In spite of that, many bodybuilders still use them! But what makes it even sadder is that

Even casual fitness enthusiast get on board with this just because someone told them: “You should take some, bro, you’ll get buff in no time!”

Yes, you do get big but not in a good way. And on top of this, many steroids come with a handful of health risks. Is it worth all the trouble? Definitely not! Yes, there are supplements that are neither risky nor bad for your health. But the truth is, the majority of them are. And for that reason, I recommend you pay close attention to the potential risks of using supplements.

Here are just a few possible consequences of using some products that are in the market right now:

Liver damage
Kidney damage
Heart damage

And the bizarre thing is that these supplements are freely sold! You could get them without a problem. It’s like spending money on something that says “I might kill you...”! That’s crazy!    

Because of this, I wrote this two-part article to discuss 5 most dangerous steroids and supplements that you must be avoiding. I hope, after you’re done reading it, you’ll think twice before taking them.

Most Dangerous Steroids and Supplements

#1 Insulin

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Insulin, as you may know, is used in medicine and in several articles I’ve mentioned its
purpose. But what brings it to this list? Since not long ago many bodybuilders started to use insulin to increase strength and muscle mass quicker. How is this possible, you ask? Insulin stimulates the formation of glycogen and glucose, which supply muscles with nutrients and amino acids.

If not used properly, increased levels of amino acid and glycogen can lead to detrimental health effects, including cold and pale skin, hand tremor, poor muscle coordination, headaches, hypoglycemic shock and even death!

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#2 Mibolerone
If you have an animal you might know that this anabolic steroid originally was a veterinary drug. It, however, is often used by bodybuilders and even casual gym-goers. When injected, mibolerone takes effect in only 30 minutes!

Similarly to insulin, mibolerone is taken to increase muscles mass. It is, of course, extremely dangerous - so much so, that some experts consider it one of the harshest steroids out there!

What makes it especially dangerous is the fact that our liver has an extremely low tolerance for steroids and mibolerone in particular. The dosage hardly matters. Even in small amounts, it can be fatal, as in a few weeks it can cause severe liver damage.  

Final thoughts…

I might not have surprised you at all with the consequences of using these dangerous supplements, and you’re already avoiding them. If you didn’t know about the potential detrimental effects, I hope this article convinced you that you should stay as far away from them as possible.    

But guess what? These two are not the only dangerous substances out there… Make sure check out 5 Most Dangerous Steroids and Supplements You Must Avoid (Part 2), where you’ll learn about three more substances to avoid at all costs. See you there!


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