5 Mistakes To Avoid In The Gym

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Lazar Angelov
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Just as you have rules at home or at work, there are rules you need to respect and adhere to in the gym. Training guidelines and precautions should be taken very seriously, as they can be the difference between a successful workout,  and the one marred by injury and frustration. Below are five mistakes that you can easily make in the gym - it’s crucial that you avoid those as much as possible. Following the rules and respecting the gym etiquette is crucial for establishing and maintaining positive exercise habits.

Workout Mistakes To Avoid

1. Skipping Warm-Ups

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There is a trend among many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts - to skip warm-ups and go straight to lifting the weight. This is a mistake, as warm-ups play an important role in preparing your body and mind for the workout. They stimulate the inflow of blood to your muscles and increase the adrenaline levels. All this reduces the risk of injury. Warm-ups are particularly important before high-intensity sessions.

2. Not Having A Workout Plan

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The key objective of any plan is to help you achieve the pre-set objectives in an efficient way. This is also the case with workout plans. First of all, you need to determine what your fitness objectives are. Is it to lose weight or build muscle mass? Is it to become a professional bodybuilder or prepare the body for the beach season? Is it to develop the entire body or a particular group of muscles? A clear workout plan is effectively a roadmap of how to get to these objectives. A good plan should specify what you need to be working on each day and, ideally, also how to measure success. In addition, it saves a lot of time in the gym, as you’re not thinking about what to do next.   

3. Doing Cardio Before Lifting

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A common mistake is to engage in cardio workouts before performing lifts with dumbbells or barbells.  Elliptical or treadmill equipment should not be used before weight-lifting workouts. After cardio, your heart rate is significantly increased and you’re more likely to be tired having not even started the main routine. As a result, you’re less likely to pay attention to your posture, and this can lead to serious injury. Try to leave cardio for the end of your workout.

4. Not Changing Your Routine

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Boredom is a substantial barrier to achieving any fitness objectives and it shouldn’t be discarded. A sure way to quickly get bored in the gym, and ultimately lose motivation, is to engage in the same workouts, using the same equipment, and performing the same number of sets and repetitions day in, day out. You need to put effort into making your workouts more enjoyable and fun. Although, this may sound somewhat lighthearted, bringing true enjoyment to your daily routine can deliver tangible benefits. Stick with the exercises that you feel comfortable with, both physically and mentally, but over time make sure to vary the number of sets and repetitions, and try new workouts and equipment.

5. Not Waiting For Your Turn To Use Equipment

Physical and mental guidelines are important to ensure that you avoid injury and achieve great results. Social norms, however, also must not be ignored, as they determine the atmosphere, in which you train. When it's peak period at your gym, you are bound to experience a queue to use the equipment, but do not jump the queue because you are in a hurry - everyone is. If you can’t patiently wait, then adjust your training schedule to go to the gym at less busy times.


Just working out is not enough to achieve ambitious fitness objectives. How you exercise also matters. So if you want to achieve great results and avoid injury, make sure not to make these five mistakes. Do not forget about the social norms in the gym. If you’re a frequent visitor, you’d want to ensure a positive workout environment and good relationships with your fellow gym goers.


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