5 Exercises for a Tight and Toned Butt (Part 2)

Lazar Angelov
Lazar Angelov
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Are looking to make your butt more toned and tight? Then make sure to read the first part of this article, where we share with you three great exercises to transform your backside. If you’ve already read it and want to take your training even further, in the second part of this article you’ll learn about the remaining two exercises, that will greatly enhance your training program. With a little dedication and hard work, these exercises will deliver plenty of fitness, health and beauty benefits. Without further ado, let’s dive it!  

More Workouts To Tone Your ButtMore Workouts To Tone Your Butt

4. Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

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This is an extremely popular exercise, especially among women. Rather unsurprisingly, given the title of this article, but it is because RDL works miracles for the butt The focus of the load during the exercise is directly on the buttocks and back thighs - that’s why it’s so effective.

5. Stair Climbing

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This basic activity, that we do on a daily basis, can transform your butt - that’s true. The reason why is not hard to see - a rapid ascent up the stairs places a great load on thighs and buttocks, and tightens your butt. If performed on a regular basis, stairs climbing can deliver quick results. And all it is is a basic day-to-day activity. Who knew!

Don’t Forget To Eat Well

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These are five fantastic exercises to make your butt tight and toned. With them, you can achieve impressive results in less than a month. But before you hit the gym, we wanted to draw your attention to one more thing.

It’s very important to remember why we’re doing these exercises in the first place - to get rid of fat in buttocks. The not-so-good news is that often in women, the concentration of fat in buttocks is higher relative to the rest of the body. That’s not nice, but it’s just the way our bodies work. Fat first starts to store in abdomen and buttocks. That’s why it is so hard to burn it in these areas: in abs for men, and in buttocks for women. There is something you can do outside of the gym to support your training - get rid of harmful eating habits that fatten your buttocks. Here we list three simple things that your butt will thank you for later.

●      Cook home, and eliminate all prepared food and ready meals from your diet

●      Replace sweets with fruit - it may sound hard but you can do it

●      Eat plenty of vegetables and salads to get the necessary vitamins and minerals    

Exercise alone is not enough. It must be supported by a healthy diet, and an important part of a healthy diet is hydration. Drink plenty of water. Water is key to all the chemical reactions in our bodies. It’s really important, in other words.

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When you’re training, your body is dehydrated because you sweat. Then you start feeling thirsty - that is your body letting you know that it’s dehydrated. And never mistake dehydration for hunger. When you’re thirsty, you may feel hungry as well. But what your body truly needs is water, not food. Stay hydrated!


In the two parts of this article, we shared with you some of the best exercises to tighten and tone your butt. Make sure that you include those in your workout routine and don’t forget to support this effort with healthy eating and regular hydration. Combining training with healthy habits will help you quickly burn subcutaneous fat and tighten your butt!  

Our final advice to you is to regularly include cardio workouts (swimming, cycling, running, jumping etc.) as well. They have many health benefits. If you’re interested, then read 4 Health Benefits of Running You Probably Don't Know About for some additional motivation.


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