5 Exercises For A Tight And Toned Butt (Part 1)

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Doesn’t it sound appealing, ladies (and gents), to have a tight and toned butt? Of course, it does, but the chances the chances are you just don’t know how to achieve this. If you’re wondering how you can burn leg and thigh fat, and get your buttocks in shape, you’re in luck! In this article, we share with you five exercises to keep your butt tight and toned!

A little disclaimer before we begin. We expect this article to be of interest primarily to girls, ladies, and women (thus, the pictures). If you’re a man, however, nothing stops you from training your butt - it’s a great workout, which carries plenty of health and fitness benefits. We’d only encourage you! So carry on reading regardless of your gender - it’s time to train your butt!  

It’s important to understand, that the buttocks are muscles in our body. And like with any other muscle, positive results only come with hard work.

Obviously, while training your butt, you’ll be exercising a few other muscles. Typically, your waist, thighs, and legs will benefit the most but, depending on the routine, other muscles can also be exercised. And this is very good news! At the end of the day, healthy, fresh and sexy looks don’t come with a tight butt alone.

Workouts To Tone Your Butt

1. Squats

lazar angelov doing squats in the gym

We will start, of course, with a classic exercise - squats. It seems, however, that a lot of us, both men and women, don’t do squats regularly enough. That’s a shame because this exercise can perform miracles for your butt! Many people avoid squats because they mistakenly think that they will drastically increase the buttocks muscle mass. For women, in particular, it’s highly unlikely.

For our bodies it is a very natural movement and, if done correctly, squats can get you that tight and toned butt you always wanted. And they’re great for your thighs and waist as well!

2. Lunges

split photo of lazar angelov doing lunges

Lunges are a great exercise to build up your strength and improve the body balance. If performed correctly, they also exercise your butt. As with any routine, lunges can be performed on their own or as part of a wider program. For best results, we recommend combining them with the rest of the exercises in this article.

3. Hyperextensions


The chances are, you have heard of this exercise before. Similarly to squats and lunges, it develops several muscles, namely waist, back thighs and, rather unsurprisingly, buttocks. Not only do hyperextensions tighten these muscles, they also shape them. Fantastic! And if you want to achieve even better results, you can perform the exercise with some additional weight - a few kilograms, for better effect.


The road to a tight and toned butt is a bumpy one but with some determination, you can do it! Make sure to incorporate these three exercises into your regular workout.

There are, of course, more workouts to exercise your butt. That is why we share with you two more! Read 5 Exercises for a Tight and Toned Butt (Part 2) to see how you can further enhance your training routine.


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