5 Easy and Tasty Snacks

Lazar Angelov
Lazar Angelov
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Who doesn’t have these sudden food cravings? One moment you’re nice and full, and then you start bringing the house down in search of something to eat, right? I’ve done that, and often this results in a couple of unwanted pounds...   

Wouldn’t it be great, if there was a healthy snack, which can satisfy your cravings, and which you can really enjoy? Well, there are many. And in this article, I’ll share with you five of my favorite snacks!

Remember my words the next time you’re scavenging your place for something to chew on. Sugar rush and salt overdose are the last things you need. Instead, go for these snacks, which are low in fat and high in protein, which helps you build muscles, supports weight loss and stimulates metabolism.

And on top that, they are super-quick and easy to prepare! So the next time you’re looking for something to keep you going until lunch, instead of chips or cookies, go for one of these delicious healthy snacks!

Some Fantastic Healthy Snacks

#1 Banana And Apple With Peanut Butter

banana, apple and peanut butter

Slice up a banana and an apple, add peanut butter, mix up and voila! It’s ready! Not much effort needed. A word of caution here… Although peanut butter is incredibly tasty, DO NOT go crazy about it! Try to stay within the recommended daily intake, as it is very fattening.

#2 Edamame


Edamame has become a big thing recently. It is basically green soybeans that are still in their pods. They are picked before they mature so that they are soft and very pleasant to eat. Edamame makes a great snack!

It is very rich in protein and fiber, which is fantastic! So you heat salted water and throw in the pods to boil. Then you remove the pods and sprinkle a pinch of salt and black pepper. Done! You can also add soy sauce for some extra flavor. Don’t eat the pods, though - just the beans inside.

#3 Hard-Boiled Eggs


If you are wondering what to snack on later in the day, hard-boiled eggs are your answer! They are full of minerals and essential amino acids - this makes them a great snack to enjoy before, as well as after your workout!

You will only need two hard-boiled eggs, and if you want to add something else, I would suggest some low-fat cheese. There you go! An easy to prepare delicious snack!

#4 Cottage Cheese + Fruits or Whole-Wheat Bread

fruit salad

A lot of people love cottage cheese! Some people, because of this, may also overindulge on it, which I don’t recommend. I like to enjoy cottage cheese in two ways: either with a slice of fruit, like peach and pineapple, or I spread it on a piece of whole wheat bread. That last one also gives you a good balance of protein and complex carbs. Enjoy!

#5 Greek Yogurt + Fruits + Nuts

yogurt with raspberry and bananas

Greek Yogurt with some fruits… does it get better than that? It’s not only amazingly delicious but also extremely nutritious! And it takes no time to prepare it!

I choose Greek yogurt primarily because it’s one of the best dairy sources of protein. If you throw in fruits and nuts, you’ll also get some essential vitamins and minerals - your body will thank you! Have I mentioned that it’s also super tasty?

Final thoughts...

There you have it, 5 easy and tasty snacks, you can make in no time! And that’s not all! They are also very nutritious and, I can bet, they are much healthier than what you would have chosen. So the next time food cravings come to you by surprise, do not worry - you now have these amazing snacks! If you’re looking for more ways to enhance your diet, I recommend this article Cinnamon And Its Great Benefits. Cinnamon tea - another quick, healthy and delicious treat!


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