4 Steps To Get A V-Shaped Back

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Who doesn’t want to attract looks on a beach with a nicely sculptured back? I’m sure that somewhere inside you always wanted that V-shape.  

And I get why! It entirely changes your sleuth - your waist looks smaller in comparison to the well-built back, and your wide shoulders make a long-lasting impression on those around you.

So are you ready to get yourself an impressive V-shaped back? Then read on, as in this article I share with you 4 steps to achieve this!

Steps Towards An Impressive V-Shaped Back

Step 1. Shape Your Shoulders

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I already mentioned that shoulders are really important in developing your back. They are exactly what creates the illusion of the waist being quite narrow. This, obviously, happens when your upper body is very wide. So shoulders are a great starting point for developing an impressive V-shaped back!

Now, to get those big wide shoulders, you must perform one dedicated shoulder-only workout per week. One and not more, because while training your chest, you’ll also be loading your shoulders.

Here are some shoulder-only exercises, that you should perform to start building your upper body:

Dumbbell Lateral Raises
Front Dumbbell Raises
Reverse Flyes
Shoulder Press

Step 2.  Widen Your Back

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Now that you’ve laid the groundwork with some shoulder exercises, the second step is to widen your back. This is what makes the biggest visual impact. It’s time to step up your game!

One of the most effective workouts to widen your back is the wide grip pull-ups. For best results ensure that your hands are more than shoulder-length apart. The wider, the better! In this case, the load on your biceps is reduced and instead shifted to where it’s needed the most - to the latissimus dorsi muscle. It literally means “the broadest muscle of the back”.

If you find the pull-ups too hard, do not worry, my friend! There is an alternative - the wide grip front lat pulldowns. This exercise allows you to adjust the weight, so you can ease your way into developing your back. If you’re looking for more ways to increase your strength, make sure to check out my article 10-Minute Strength Builder for Pull-Ups.

Step 3. Get Rid of Belly Fat

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If you have a beer belly, that V-shaped back won’t look that good on you, right? And that’s exactly what your next step should be - to get rid of the belly fat. To burn more calories you need to regularly engage in high-intensity cardio. You can also achieve great results with slower longer workouts, but they’re much less efficient.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is extremely effective when trying to burn fat. I recommend the method called Tabata Intervals. Pick a workout - cycling, for example. Perform an intense 20-second set, then have 10 seconds of rest. Repeat. If you would like to learn more about high-intensity workouts, I suggest you read this article - 10 Minutes of Cycling = 50-Minute Workout. It might save you a lot of time in the gym!

Step 4. Keep Your Back Straight  

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Yes, the last step is as simple as that! Building your back requires a lot of effort and dedication, but if you don’t keep your back straight, it is all for nothing. In no time, the impressive V-shaped back, that you worked so hard for, will be replaced by an ugly hunch. Keeping a good posture is one of the easiest ways to make your back look wider. But it’s so easy to forget to do it! Trust me, it’s very important.

Final thoughts...

That’s all from me, folks. Follow these 4 steps and, with some dedication and hard work, of course, you’ll soon get that impressive V-shaped back you always wanted.

No more excuses! It’s time to hit the gym!


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