3 Best Exercises for Shaping Your Chest

Lazar Angelov
Lazar Angelov
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Do you have ambitions fitness and performance objectives? Or do you just want to look badass? Anyway, my task here is to help you achieve these goals. One of the key areas of attention for many gym-goers is the chest, as it is what makes the biggest visual impact. Makes you look badass, in other words. Building your chest can be hard, and many don’t get anywhere close to the results they want. In this article, I'll be sharing exactly what you need to know to accomplish this.
But before we begin I just want you to know some important facts. Most of the exercises for your chest are similar. There will, however, always be the ones that work well for you personally. It’s important to understand what makes the difference for you.
Always remember that your muscles will only begin to show when you have burned all that excess fat! Whether in your abdomen, arms, chest, or even legs it really doesn’t matter - if you want them to show you gotta get rid of the fat!

Fantastic Exercises For Your Chest

1 - Push-Ups

Push Up Animation

Yup, without good old push-ups you are nowhere! I know many of you dislike push-ups but there is a reason for that! It’s because they are without a doubt one of the best exercises. They work for multiple muscle groups simultaneously, which means a more efficient workout.
So try to put your hate aside and include them in your workout! Look at the bright side - you might be able to reduce your ab workout if you do a lot of push-ups! No joke - they really load the upper body, especially the abdomen area.
I’d personally recommend you set a goal that you have to achieve. For example, you can say that you will be doing 10-40-60-100 repetitions and it really doesn’t matter how many times you stop to rest. However, if you set the goals, stick to them, don’t waver.
It’s important to set realistic objectives, so please don’t go too hard and injure yourself. Begin with a moderate number of repetitions and gradually increase it when you feel more confident.

2 - Bench Press or Dumbbell Bench Press

Bench Press

Well, yes you’re right, if you want that chest of yours to get big and shaped, without the classical bench press you won’t be going anywhere! That is for sure!
Of course, I’m not only talking about the horizontal bench press but also about different variants of the exercise you can do, such as the incline and decline bench press. It’s a great idea to alternate between them. From time to time I would recommend changing those dumbbells with the good old bar!  

3 - Chest Dips

Chest Dips

Please do not whine but, yes, I understand it’s a hard exercise to perform. However, it's one of the important exercises that will certainly help you shape your chest.
Now, if you’ve never tried doing the dips before you might need some help. You’ll need to build strength in order to perform this exercise. This workout is brilliant because it’s just so strenuous! A good goal to aim for is 30 dips. That, paired with 100 push-ups, will ensure your chest gets huge!

Final thoughts...
These are the 3 best exercises that will help you get that chest of yours finally shaped! Even though some of these workouts might be a challenge. Believe me, if you include them in your routine, you’ll see some great results! If you’re one of these people that avoid bodyweight exercises, I’d reconsider. I’ve shared a few other tips on how to shape your chest in my other article, 4 Tips For Shaping Your Chest. Now it’s all up to you!


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