20 Healthiest Foods You Need To Have On Your Grocery List (Part 2)

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For some people, reading nutrition labels can be very confusing - others just don’t bother. If you spare a couple of minutes to read about what you’ve put in your shopping basket, the chances are, you’ll put most of it back on the shelves.

There are always fresh natural alternatives, that are much better for us, and if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you’ll have to start choosing them instead. So, how do you know what exactly to add to your grocery list? If you remember, in the first part of this article, I shared 10 foods that you must regularly have on your plate. If you haven’t read it, make sure to check it out! Now I have 10 more food items to share with you.  

So the next time you enter the grocery store, these 20 healthy foods must be on your list! Interested to know what the rest of them are? Then, keep reading and enjoy!

More Healthy Foods to Add to Your Grocery List

#11 Garlic


Garlic may not be the best idea before a date, but it definitely should be on your list! Why? Because it is full of benefits - research has shown, that garlic contains components that can stop potentially threatening cells, that with time transform into tumors. It can protect from oxidative stress and inflammation of vessels and blood cells. Above all that, garlic reduces cholesterol levels and protects the heart!

#12 Edamame

green beans

Edamame has only recently become popular around the globe. In case you don’t know, edamame is a soybean, particularly popular in Japan. It is full of proteins, as well as vitamins C, B and E!

#13 Eggs


Eggs… well, this list wouldn’t be complete without them! The richest form of digestible
protein hides in eggs. Everybody knows that they are very beneficial - that’s why they are included in so many diets. Consuming eggs on a regular basis is proved to help improve your cardiovascular health and your cholesterol levels!

#14 Flaxseed

bowl full of seeds

Flaxseed is very rich in fiber and can help prevent various health problems, including heart diseases. It is full of minerals - magnesium and calcium among them. Flaxseed can be easily added to your morning cereal or a smoothie, which is super convenient!

#15 Spinach


You hear spinach, and think of Popeye, right? Let me tell you, there is a very good reason why he ate lots of it. It is because spinach is packed with enormous amounts of nutrients! It is also low in calories and acts as a great source of vitamin K. And no need for any complicated preparation - spinach is good steamed, as well as in a salad.

#16 Salmon

coocked salmon with spice

Salmon is another great source of lean protein. It contains omega-3 fats in impressive quantities, which can lead to a healthy and well-functioning heart. So the next time you’re wondering what fish to choose, salmon is the way to go!

#17 Onions


Like garlic, onions might not be the best idea before a date, but also like garlic, they are full of health benefits! It’s been proven, that consuming onions on a regular basis strengthens the cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of heart attacks.

#18 Tomatoes


Tomato has long been mistaken for a vegetable - but it’s actually a fruit! Tomatoes are low in calories and high in antioxidants. They contain specific compounds that are beneficial for the cardiovascular health and some elements are known to help fight cancer. So more tomatoes in your salad!

#19 Yogurt

yogurt with raspberry fruit

Yogurt is a good friend of our digestive system. It contains bacteria that help improve digestion and reduce body fat if consumed regularly. For that, it is known as one of the healthiest dairy products out there. Careful, though, as many varieties of yogurt are high in sugar, so be mindful of what you choose. Personally, I would recommend sticking to Greek yogurt - a classic that never gets old.

#20 Potatoes


Potatoes contain valuable nutrients, so featuring those on your grocery list is highly recommended. They also contain plenty of vitamin A, which can improve your eyesight. So if you’re looking for some carb calories along with some valuable vitamins and nutrients, potatoes are the way to go!

Final thoughts...

There you have it - another 10 food items that must regularly be on your grocery list! So don’t miss out on those next time you go to a shop. Trust me, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you must eat well! Try to regularly eat the foods that we talked about in both parts of this article, and you’re on the right track!

If you want to have a conversation with me about how you can improve your diet, make sure to head to the “Ask Lazar” section of Fitness Academy, a new online service for those who are determined to transform their lives for the better. See you there!


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