15 Unhealthy Foods You Must Erase From Your Diet (Part 2)

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There are plenty of foods that we eat without thinking much about what’s in them. Sometimes we might even think that some of them are healthy! I’m sure there are some crisps or cooking lying around your house...

In the first part of this article, I shared with you 7 food items that you should remove from your diet ASAP. Here, I’ll give you 8 more! They may seem harmless but think twice before eating anything from this list.  

Are you ready to take another step towards a healthy balanced diet?

More Foods To Keep Off Your Table

#8 Microwave Popcorn

popcorn, butter, and sea salt on a table

Movies at home won’t be the same… I know. But, there are many healthier alternatives to snack on! The reason microwave popcorn is on this list is that it is full of unhealthy fats, sodium, and calories. So I suggest you stop eating it altogether.

#9 Sugary Cereal

bowl with and spoon with cereal and milk

You must be on the lookout for sugar on the nutrition labels of cereal boxes. Many brands contain excessive amounts of it - as much as 8 grams per serving! That’s something you’d want to stay away from. And please, don’t give it to your kids! There is good cereal out there, though, and quite a few options. Make sure to carefully check the nutrition label before you buy.

#10 Pancake Mix
pancake with raspberry and honey

Most of the readily packed pancake mixes are very unhealthy. Yes, they are quick and easy to make, but they also contain additives, processed ingredients, refined flour - and to top it all off - a great sugar bomb of syrup and butter! Not the best breakfast, wouldn't you say? Homemade pancakes might be a bit messy to make, but they are way better than what you get in supermarkets.

#11 Artificial Sweeteners

spoon full of sugar

Artificial sweeteners are present in the majority of products these days - so don’t forget to carefully read nutrition labels. I would recommend going with natural sweeteners, instead. Honey, in my opinion, is a fantastic alternative!

#12 White Bread


It is no surprise, white bread is on this list. That’s because it hardly has any nutritional value, and contains refined ingredients and sugar. Whole-grain products are the way to go! Give them a try - you won’t regret it!

#13 Soda

water with lime

Again, having a sugary drink once in a blue moon is not the end of the world. But if you’re one of those people who drink those on a daily basis, my advice to you is rather simple - STOP! And the reason? You guessed it - sugar! If you’re not particularly keen on diabetes and other health disorders, I suggest you erase soda from your diet entirely.

#14 Vegetable Oil

vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is effectively processed vegetable fat. Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? It’s extremely unhealthy! Coconut and macadamia nut oils are much better alternatives. It’s time to say no to vegetable oil!

#15 Margarine

slice of bread with margarine

Margarine on a slice of bread - such a nice and easy snack, isn’t it? But unfortunately for the margarine enthusiasts among us, research has shown that it has detrimental effects on our cardiovascular health, as it increases cholesterol levels.

Final thoughts...

There you have it - 15 unhealthy foods that you should eliminate from your diet. If you don’t want to cut some of those out entirely, that’s fine. But be mindful of the effects such food has on your body and consume in cautious moderation.   

If, however, you manage to leave them off your table altogether, your body will thank you - trust me! There are plenty of healthy alternatives out there! As a starting point, I suggest you check out my article 20 Healthiest Foods You Need to Have on Your Grocery List. Incorporating these food items into your diet can have tremendous positive effects on your body and the overall well being!


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