15 Unhealthy Foods You Must Erase From Your Diet (Part 1)

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I’m sure, there are at least a few unhealthy food items that are hiding somewhere deep in your cupboard right now… An occasional pack of chips may seem harmless, but don’t be fooled!

On a day-to-day basis, we often consume excessive amounts of unhealthy food, like prepackaged snacks. Some are well aware of it and simply don’t care. Others may not know of the effect such eating habits have on our body. Yes, I suppose, if you eat a pack of Haribos once every couple of months, you’ll be just fine. But, if you manage to eliminate such food from your diet entirely, you’ll feel the difference and do your body a huge favor!  

And that’s why in this article I share with you some of the most unhealthy foods that you must erase from your diet! Enjoy and I hope it will make you think a bit more about what you’re eating!  

Foods To Keep Off Your Table

#1 Pre-Packed Cookies

man eating a cookie

C’mon, there must be some store-bought cookies lying around somewhere in your house! If you work in the office, you will also probably have that one guy who always brings sweets, snacks, and cookies! Tempting… But do you know why they must be gone for good? Because even the smallest pack of cookies, that you can find in a supermarket, is full of sugar! Way too much of it! A single serving may contain more than a quarter of the USDA recommended daily sugar intake.

#2 Chips


Of course, chips! I just can’t leave them off this list! It’s nothing new - they contain empty calories and are rich in unhealthy fats. They don’t provide your body with any nutrients either. Plus, they’re quite addictive, so beware!

#3 Ketchup

bags of ketchup

Yup, ketchup as well… I know, many people love their french fries with some ketchup, but the combination of the two makes it even worse…The reason ketchup is on this list is that its main ingredient is corn syrup, which is incredibly high in fructose. Even a tablespoon of ketchup can contain up to 5 grams of sugar! How about a homemade alternative? Give it a shot!

#4 Frozen Yogurt

bowl of frozen yogurt with raspberry and green spoon

As bad as it sounds, yes, frozen yogurt should be eliminated from your diet too. Even though it is lower in fat than ice-cream, frozen yogurt definitely contains too much sugar! I know it’s super delicious, and it’s fine to have it once in a while, but don’t overindulge!

#5 Granola Bars

energy granola bar
Granola bars are advertised as healthy and nutrient-rich. Most of the time, however, they’re not. So many of them are full of hydrogenated oils and sugar! And that’s not something you’d be looking for in a granola bar… Instead, go with some fruits and nuts - a much better alternative!

#6 Energy Drinks

vitamin with water and 2kg dumbbells

Not much surprise here, I suppose. The irony is strong with this one, though. Energy drinks are marketed as performance-enhancing sources of vitamins. But they’re also full of sugar. So much sugar! So if you’re looking to boost your energy, you’d be better off with some natural green tea.

#7 Coffee Creamer

cup of coffee with cream

Coffee creamer is tolerable if you have one cup of coffee a day. If you drink more than this, however, this might become a problem. Coffee creamers contain a lot of sugar, additives, and fats! Instead, replace it with a healthier alternative, like almond milk. Or you might just stick to the good old black coffee.

Final thoughts...

Almost halfway there! I’ve prepared for you a list of 8 more food items, that you should avoid. To find out what they are, read 15 Unhealthy Foods You Must Erase From Your Diet (Part 2). See you there!


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