13 Reasons To Start Training… Today!

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Are you one of those people, who just can’t get themselves up to go to the gym? Don’t worry - many people are like that and it takes time to develop good fitness habits. To give you a little extra motivation, in this two-part article I decided to share with you thirteen reasons to start training today.

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Some people, like me, get genuine pleasure from working out, and if you’re the same, you hardly struggle with motivation. If, however, this doesn’t come to you naturally and you often feel bored and annoyed while in the gym, do not despair! Learning about various benefits of regular workouts can be a great motivation of its own.

You surely know, that physical activity is “good for you”, but unless you know exactly what you're working towards, unless you have a meaningful tangible goal, the chances are you’ll struggle to get your butt off the couch...

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Knowing that something is good for you is one thing, but what about fun? It is an important motivator, pretty much in everything, so don’t discard it. If you utterly hate the rowing machine, no one is forcing you to get on it. The great thing is, that there is such a wide variety of workouts out there, that regardless of your fitness tastes, you’ll find something that you really enjoy. I bet my bottom dollar! If you truly enjoy your training, it’s much easier to motivate yourself to exercise daily. Don’t go crazy on one favorite exercise, though. To achieve good health and fitness results, you need to have a balance between strength, aerobic and flexibility. It’s essential, as a well-rounded workout leads to a well-rounded lifestyle, body, and mind!

Some final advice before we start. If you’re a beginner, think carefully about how much you train and increase your physical loads. Don’t rush it. Keep it steady and gradually increase training time to about 30-60 minutes per day. Ease your way into it - otherwise, you might struggle to keep the work up.

With all that out of the way, let’s dive in! Here are some crucial reasons to exercise regularly. Enjoy the gym!    

Exercise Is Important, And Here’s Why

When you exercise, the stress hormones that cause depression and bad mood, are eliminated. You feel fresh, energized and accomplished!

#1 It Lowers Stress
When you work out, the stress hormones that cause depression and bad mood, are eliminated. You feel fresh, energized and accomplished!

#2 It Improves Sexual Health

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That’s an important one! Regular exercise brings numerous benefits for your cardiovascular system, which in turn positively affects your ability to perform well in bed. Not only this, but it also gives you the energy and endurance to last longer.

#3 It Increases Energy

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It’s been proven, that people, who train regularly, not only are more energetic, but also tend to think more positively. In my view, the two are closely linked - if you have the energy and drive to go out there and do things, the chances are, you’ll feel more positive about completing those things and succeeding. So excuses like “I’m too tired and lazy to train” are no longer acceptable! 

#4 It Helps You Stay Young

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If you’re living a healthy life, it’s much easier to stay younger, both physically and mentally! Isn’t that great?

#5 It Helps You Enjoy Food More

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Food is tasty! Not equally tasty at all times, though. If you’re absolutely starving, any snack will taste like a piece of heaven but if you’re, say, hungover, even the most intricate meal from the most expensive restaurant won’t taste that good because your stomach is messed up from the night before. But you know what? Food tastes absolutely amazing after a good workout!

Final thoughts…

How did you find these reasons to work out more? Do you already feel motivated to get off that couch and hit the gym? Or maybe go for a run?

Don’t worry if you’re not 100% convinced yet - there are plenty more reasons to regularly exercise! I share with you eight more reasons in 13 Reasons to Start Training… Today (Part 2). Once you’re done with those, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the motivation to go out there and start working out!


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