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One way to impress people (and ladies in particular) is to showcase your strength. Am I right? Many of us have been in a situation where we just had to show off in front of someone by doing some pull-ups outside a bar. Having grown up a bit since then, you’ve come to understand that pull-ups are an essential exercise that brings many health benefits. I wouldn’t recommend them if I myself didn’t feel the effect.

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Okay, so pull-ups are good for your body but what about strength? What if you don’t have enough of it for a respectable set of pull-ups? Strength is crucial for this exercise and without it, you’ll be spending a lot of time on the side watching others go hard on the bar…. But hey, I’ve got something that can help with this. In this article, you will learn how to build strength for pull-ups with a fantastic 10-minute workout!

Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM) And Two Pull-Ups

If you struggle to get more than five repetitions on the bar, then you’re in the right place. The EMOM workout will not only help you substantially increase your strength but it’s also good for your endurance! It’s easily one of the best techniques out there.

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Now you’re probably wondering what’s the deal with these “two pull-ups”. Two pull-ups are surely not enough to build strength… Well, they are. Kind of. All you need is two consecutive pull-ups. Not ten or even five - two! Doesn’t sound that hard, does it?

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All you need to start is a bar and a timer. With the EMOM method, you do a certain number of reps of, say, pull-ups at the start of every minute, and rest for the remainder of the minute -10 minutes in total. I recommend starting with around a third of the maximum reps you can do. So, for example, if your maximum is five pull-ups in a row, do two pull-ups at the start of every minute for ten minutes.    
It’s as simple as this! And to make your EMOM workout even more effective, below I shared a 3-week progression plan that can help you gradually increase the intensity of the exercise.

The 3-Week Progression Plan

If you want to get the most out of the EMOM workout, I recommend you follow this plan. Your body will respond well to a gradual increase in loading. That’s why you need to try to slowly increase the number of pull-ups.

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Keep in mind, that you might throw everything you’ve trained for in the garbage if you hurry to
add more reps! Take it slow and steady. With this progression plan, you’ll soon be able to say goodbye to these five pull-ups that you were struggling with!

Week One: Perform 2 pull-ups EMOM for 10 minutes. 20 reps in total.

Week Two: Perform 3 pull-ups EMOM for 5 minutes. Then carry on with 2 pull-ups for the remaining five minutes. 25 reps in total.

Week Three: Perform 3 pull-ups EMOM for 10 minutes. 30 reps in total.

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Did you see, what happened there? Every week you need to add five reps to the total number.

Final thoughts...

The EMOM workout is a fantastic way to build strength and endurance by doing what seems like an easy exercise - say, two pull-ups. But with a bit of persistence and time, this amounts to much!

Do not underestimate what regular 10-minute sessions can do for you and your body. Pull-ups, of course, are not the only exercise that you can incorporate into your EMOM workout. Experiment and try new things!

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